Saskatchewan crop report for June 17-23


Excessive precipitation halted seeding, although some producers may still plant greenfeed crops if time and weather permit.

Rainfall varied from small amounts to much more than 130 millimetres. The Vanguard area reported 138 mm of rain, which made it the wettest area in the province for the week. The Cadillac area has received 328 mm since April 1.

Localized flooding has caused some crop damage, particularly in eastern areas where many roads, yards and fields are under water.

Cropland topsoil moisture conditions are deteriorating in several areas and rated three-quarters adequate. Hayland and pasture topsoil moisture conditions are rated more than 80 percent adequate.

Crop development on many acres continues to be delayed and behind their normal stages for this time of year, but they appear in fair to excellent condition.

In-crop herbicide applications are delayed because of excessive moisture, and some may soon be past optimal spraying stages.



Unseeded fields will likely remain that way because of wet conditions, although there may be time for greenfeed crops if weather allows.

Foam Lake was the wettest area, receiving 121 mm. This brings the total amount received since April 1 to 343 mm, the highest amount in the province.

Cropland soil moisture conditions vary widely. Eastern areas continue to deteriorate and are now rated 24 percent adequate. Western areas are much better, sitting at 80 percent adequate. It’s the same with hayland and pastures: the east is 40 percent adequate and the west is 87 percent adequate.

Many crops are sitting in water and beginning to yellow. In-crop spraying applications are delayed ,and many crops are past the optimal spraying stages.

Most crops are in fair to excellent condition, but warm weather is a now a priority.

Besides access moisture, crop damage is also attributed to insects, disease and localized light hail.



Many fields remain wet, halting seeding progress. However, greenfeed crops may still be planted if conditions improve.

Recent heavy rain has flooded fields, yards and access roads.

The Bruno area received the highest precipitation with 91 mm.

Topsoil moisture conditions vary widely with 38 percent rated adequate in the east and 84 percent in the west. Likewise, hayland and pastures are rated 29 adequate in the east and 87 percent in the west.

There are reports that crops conditions are deteriorating, but overall they remain in good shape.

Crop development is delayed for this time of year, including haying operations.

In-crop herbicide applications are also late.