Long lost tractor unearthed

RCMP officers in Manitoba continue to shake their heads, and laugh, about the bizarre burial of a $300,000 tractor under tonnes of manure.

Acting on a Crime Stoppers tip, RCMP found a 2009 Case IH Steiger 485 tractor in a pasture near Fisher Branch, Man., last week. The tractor, valued at $300,000, was stolen from Leo’s Sales and Service near Winnipeg in December 2010.

Line Karpish, an RCMP spokesperson, said it took an excavator a couple of days to unearth the tractor.

It’s unclear if the alleged thieves were planning to sell the tractor or why it was under five metres of manure.

Following its investigation, the RCMP arrested a man from Fisher Branch and a woman from Peguis. Both suspects are in their 20s.


Ryan Grandmont, who owns Leo’s Sales and Service, couldn’t comprehend why anyone would bury a tractor in muck.

After sitting under the manure for an unknown amount of time, the machine is beyond repair, he told media outlets.

The tractor will probably be used for parts and scrap.