Visible Canadian canola stocks tightest in nearly three years, exports slow

Winnipeg, June 2 (CNS Canada) – Canola supplies in commercial hands in Canada dropped to their tightest level in nearly three years, according to the latest data from the Canadian Grain Commission for the week ended May 28.

Visible canola supplies, at 702,700, are down from the already tight level of 830,200 tonnes posted the previous week and represent the smallest supplies on hand in the commercial grain-handling system since August 2014. Visible canola stocks are typically considered low whenever they move below one million tonnes.

Farmer deliveries during the latest reporting period came in at only 218,400 tonnes, marking the lowest weekly deliveries since August 2016.

Weekly canola exports, of 158,700 tonnes, were up from the previous week, but were off the crop-year-to-date average of about 210,000 tonnes. Domestic disappearance came in at only 120,800 tonnes during the week, the smallest weekly level since September 2015.


  • ed

    Cash flow perhaps for farms that now have the highest aggragate debt in history. Not surprising. These debt levels are strataspheric at a time when FCC and other financial outfits as well as government agencies are saying that all is well and farms are doing great. Usually when non farming people are doing great financially they are paying down their VISA cards to zero, and buying a cabin at the lake and a boat with the left over cash so they can put their feet up a bit. Not in farming apparently. Great in farming means that your operational loses are smaller than the amount that your theoretical increased value of your land. So this paper wealth emboldens the young farmers to take on more debt with his “confidence” in the whole financial shell game and do the opposite of putting your feet up. So there you have it. Weird Science…🎵 Is it Real? 🎵