$13M to fund pork research


A $13 million investment in the Canadian hog industry was announced May 29 by the federal department of agriculture.

Processed through the federal agricultural innovation program, the money is earmarked for the pork research cluster to build on work done with $9.5 million in previous funding, according to a government news release.

Swine Innovation Porc of Quebec will lead the new cluster. 

Federal money plus industry contributions and investment from provincial pork industry groups bring the total money for the cluster to $17 million.

Stewart Cressman, chair of Swine Innovation Porc, said funds will be used on research and programs designed to “enhance competitiveness, drive innovation, accelerate the adoption of innovative technologies and practices and ensure the long-term growth and sustainability of the Canadian swine industry.”


The Canadian Pork Council welcomed the funding as well. It said in a news release that 15 research projects have been identified that are related to cost reduction. 

Agriculture minister Gerry Ritz said the health of the pork sector is crucial to the Canadian economy, and investment will foster adaptability and sustainability of the pork industry.

Canada was the third largest pork exporter in the world in 2013, with sales of $3.6 billion to more than 100 countries.