WP livestock report


Pork price falls

Pork prices have fallen along with the end of Easter ham demand, but U.S. hog prices are little changed.

Slaughter was down with several plants closed Easter Monday.

Iowa-southern Minnesota hogs delivered to plants were $87 US per hundredweight April 25, up from $86 April 17.

The U.S. pork cutout fell to $116.13 per cwt. April 25, down from $120.08 April 17, but prices could pick up again as the grilling season approaches.

The estimated U.S. weekly slaughter for the week to April 26 was 1.999 million, down from 2.002 million the previous week. Slaughter was 2.145 million last year at the same time.

Bison steady

The Canadian Bison Association said Grade A bulls in the desirable weight range reached a high of $4.10 Cdn per lb. hot hanging weight.

Grade A heifers sold at prices up to $4.

Cull cow and bull prices were as high at $2.50 hot hanging weight in limited trade.

Quality 2013 bull calves weighing 400-550 lb. averaged $2.40 per lb. live weight and heifers weighing 300-400 lb. averaged $2 per lb. live weight.

Bulls from 2012 weighing less than 800 lb. traded at 1.95 per lb. live weight, while heifers weighing less than 700 lb. averaged $1.55.

Some trades of 2013 bulls and heifers at $2.10 f.o.b. at the farm were reported. Quality animals continue to fetch a premium.

Animals outside the desirable buyer specifications may be discounted.

Lambs steady

Ontario Stockyards Inc. reported that 1,101 sheep and lambs and 44 goats traded April 21. All classes of well-finished lambs sold actively at good steady prices.

Goats sold steady. Sheep sold steady to $5 cwt. higher.