New Zealand trial hopes to determine raw milk benefits

A New Zealand study could shed new light on the benefits of drinking unpasteurized milk.

Jeroen Douwes with the Centre for Food Safety at Massey University said there is plenty of anecdotal evidence and a small number of peer-reviewed studies suggesting raw milk provides protection against allergies and asthma. What’s missing is causal evidence.

“If we can identify something that provides the protection, then that would be a big deal,” he said.

Raw milk is sold legally in New Zealand.


The study will involve 450 families: 300 non-farming raw milk drinkers and 150 pasteurized milk drinkers.

The families will answer a questionnaire and undergo a battery of tests.

Most raw milk studies have in-volved farm families who are ex-posed to a wide range of organisms through their lifestyle. Douwes hopes studying an urban population will provide a better understanding of health benefits specific to raw milk.


  • Jeepers! what it is that these Kiwis know about dairying – so as not to get sick from raw milk produced for human consumption – that Canadians cannot figure out?
    …Maybe the outlawing of raw milk in Canada, has more to do with the Stalin-ist centrally-diktated dairy quota scheme, than it does with any actual ‘threat to the public health’ posed by REAL MILK. REAL MILK, being that which is = whole fresh, pure, UN-adulterated, UN-cooked, as taken from healthy cows eating what God intended them to … rather than the crap they ingest in the Confined Animal factories which commerical dairies are, today