Young Alberta farmers happy with career choice

Farming may have changed dramatically over the past generation, but the passion for agriculture hasn’t changed, said a panel of young 

There was never a time when Jeff Nonay, a Legal, Alta., dairy farmer, considered any other career.

“I could never ever remember not wanting to be a farmer,” Nonay told an Ag Choices conference in Cam-rose.

Nonay said he was still young when he approached his family wanting to do more than work for wages.

“I wanted some skin in the game.”

Robert Semeniuk of Smoky Lake said he went straight from high school to the farm and has never doubted his decision.

Farming from a young age hasn’t been easy, but he has learned good communication is key.


Semeniuk knew early in 2002 the drought would take a toll on their crop and finances. Instead of hoping for a miracle, Semeniuk went to the bank in June, pointing out expected problems.

His proactive approach helped him work his way through the problem and keep him on good terms.

“They could see we had a plan,” he said.

Good communication was also key to keeping the lines of communication open when Leona Dargis’ parents were killed in an airplane crash leaving five daughters to take over the farm.

“Without a strong attitude things could have gone sideways,” she said of their farm in St. Vincent, in northeast Alberta.

“It all starts with conversation.”