Time to ’fess up: organics have GMOs

‘No such thing as zero’ | Expert says honest conversation needed with consumers about what organic means — and doesn’t

GUELPH, Ont. — Leaders in North America’s organic movement say it’s time to tell consumers that organic food does contain genetically modified organisms.

Speaking at the Guelph Organic Conference in early February, Dag Falck, organic program manager with Nature’s Path, one of the largest manufacturers of organic breakfast cereals and snack bars in North America, said the organic movement has to have an honest conversation with the public about GMOs.

Despite public perceptions that organic products are GM free, Falck said organic food made from corn, soybeans, canola and sugar definitely contain GMOs.

“If you are going to stop eating all those things, you will be able to be GMO free,” Falck told the organic conference at the University of Guelph.

“But if you eat any of those products, and all of us do, you cannot. It doesn’t matter how philosophically pure you want to be, it isn’t going to happen…. There is no such thing as zero percent of anything.”

He said organic cereals and other foods contain GMOs because of cross-pollination between conventional and organic fields. As well, most organic farmers don’t test their seed for GMO before planting, despite the reality that certified organic seed probably contains traces of GMOs.

Maureen Fitzpatrick, a member of Big Carrot, an organic food market in Toronto, said the basic problem in Canada and the United States is that organic farmers grow crops on a landscape saturated with GM plants.


“We live in a polluted world, and unfortunately genetic contamination is part of that picture,” said Fitzpatrick, who also spoke at the conference.

Falck said no one knows the level of contamination in organic crops because testing for GMOs after harvest isn’t a requirement for organic certification.

As a result, an organic cereal bar might contain 0.5 percent or five percent GM grain, even though many consumers assume organic certification means no GMOs.

Fitzpatrick said consumer surveys indicate that 79 percent of organic consumers would stop buying organic food if it contained GMOs, which is why the organic industry must come clean with consumers before it’s too late.

“We must acknowledge as a sector that there is a gap between what the consumer expects and what our standard requires,” she said.

“If we are seen to be looking away from these potentially difficult questions and allowing the perception of zero tolerance (of GMOs) to flourish… we will not regain that consumer confidence.”


Falck said not everyone in the organic industry is convinced that honesty is the best policy.

“There is a lot of fear of broaching that conversation,” he said.

“If we burst their (the public) bubble and we say that’s not true, some people are afraid that this will cause a backlash.”

However, the billion dollar question is how to begin the conversation with consumers so that they understand organic food isn’t 100 percent free of GMOs.

Falck admitted it will be a difficult task, but organic growers, processors and retailers can’t bury their heads in the sand.

“If you don’t speak about it, the problem doesn’t go away.”


  • Xena Horvath

    Well so be it then. It is time we moved away from ALL PROCESSED FOODS. I will no longer support any of these companies with my dollars, knowing that I WOULD BE POISONING MY KID!!! GMOs should be outright banned so that the earth can begin the healing process!

    • Robert Wager

      World food safety opinion do not share your fear of GMO’s

      Moreover, the AAAS Board said, the World Health Organization, the American Medical Association, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, the British Royal Society, and “every other respected organization that has examined the evidence has come to the same conclusion: consuming foods containing ingredients derived from GM crops is no riskier than consuming the same foods containing ingredients from crop plants modified by conventional plant improvement techniques.”


      and even Europe does not agree with your “poison” statement

      The main conclusion
      to be drawn from the efforts of more than 130 research
      projects, covering a period of more than 25 years of research,
      and involving more than 500 independent research groups, is
      that biotechnology, and in particular GMOs, are not per se
      more risky than e.g. conventional plant breeding technologies.


      • Linda Nedderman-Eaton

        Robert Wagner obviously reads only the paid industry research put out but the biotech industries in cahoots with government (Monsanto shills in at the head of every major agency now overseeing our food supply. We pay no attention to “Mr. Wagner or his cigarette science. Independent research has shown over and over how harmful GMO’s are. Europe labels GMO:s and is trying to keep them out of their food supply for good reason.

        The American Academy of Environmental Medicine recommends Non-GMO food for all it’s patients. They know the biochemistry, they know how GMO foods are made, they know the score.


        You want to poison yourself, Robert, by eating GMO’s. By all means, be my guest!

        • Bob Cooney

          Hi Linda,

          With out a doubt Robert Wager must work for monsanto. I think you can see these by how many comments/replies he has made in defense of a company who is contaminating the world’s seed supply.

          • Wanda Patsche

            Bob, Just because someone does not agree with you does not mean they automatically work for Monsanto. I happen to take the same stance and I am not a Monsanto employee.

        • Kenny Cartwright

          Yes, there is substatial evidence both form US scientists and those abroad that GMOs are dangerous. Here in the US it took an appeal to the Freedom of Information Act to get to some 44,000 pages of documents by Monsanto’s own scientists noting potential dangers of GMOs. In Europe and other nations such studies demonstrating the negative effects of GMOs were likewise hushed up, until recently. Now those studies are coming to light and being added to.

          Because of cross contamination, the only recourse is to not eat anything processed, and to avoid those species that have been modified genetically. I think the honesty in this article is to be commended and appropriate adjustments to diet made.

      • delquattro

        Interesting that Robert cites studies in Europe supporting genetic mutilation, but how many countries in Europe have joined in banning Monsanto’s genetically mutilated corn? 9.
        As for testing GMO’s this is very difficult because Monsanto knows better than to let third parties have access to its genetically mutilated seed, and does the testing itself.
        Robert cites evidence coming from incestuous government agencies, bought off by Monsanto, but Europeans do not want genetically mutilated food, and neither do we.
        The bottom line is that consumers want and have the right to know if what they are eating has been genetically mutilated for profit. GMO labeling has not caused increased prices in Europe.
        Eventually, because of cross pollination, genetic mutilation for corporate profits will necessarily be banned, and the CEO’s of Monsanto be tried for crimes against humanity in a just world.

      • Angi Whittiker

        Robert… these agencies can not and will not admit anything.. EVER! Because then the floodgates will be opened for lawsuits of all these agencies! I have been sick with 1 autoimmune disease after another for the last 17 years… the medical establishment could only tray my symptoms.. making my health rely on big pharma.. once I started researching these diseases and when most of them started to plague us.. coincidentally it was when GMO’s were released in our food supply. I have gotten myself and family off of these foods and back to organic, from scratch food… and low and behold all our medical problems went away.. and you know what.. we aren’t reliant on doctors, big pharma, biotech, fast food, coke or any of the rest any more. So you keep eating that stuff and you keep buying into their system and keep adding to the healthcare crisis we have in this county and know the world (since we now export this poison)

      • jim

        Look another paid Monsanto plant! Can’t wait until you are arrested and locked away for these lies.

  • Yes, it is very difficult to avoid some GMO contamination in organic crops and no doubt the agro chemical companies and biotech industry would love nothing better than to convince everybody that they may as well give up and let them rule our food supply.
    But if the organic industry can provide me with healthier food without using pollinating insect gut busting seeds and excessive spraying of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides I will always buy organics first. It’s the best spent money when you can protect the health of your family.

  • Edmund Keys

    Thank you, Denise. Can I just reiterate what you just said, for the rest of my life? This “why bother, it’s too late.”, is certainly the semi-logical under-tone of this article, which seeks to claim that we all eat the four items listed. Raw food eaters could easily avoid those items. Being such a hot button issue, perhaps the article shouldn’t be titled so broadly, as to mislead those that will not read the entire article critically. To give up the struggle, is to give control of our bodies to a handful of entities and ultimately a handful of people in white coats. Frankly, we are all too flawed and too weak to bear that kind of burden on any human shoulders. They sag, then lean and give out every time.

  • Denise

    Fifty years of research has demonstrated no health benefits from organic food according to the Food Standards Agency in the UK.

    As for the “gut busting seeds, it may surprise you that the same Bt proiteins found in GM crops are used in whole bacterial form in organic agriculture to “bust the guts” of the pest insects.

    Are you aware of the extremely harsh EIQ of the copper compounds used in organic agriculture as alternatives to synthetic fungicides. It would appear not.

    • William Jay

      In reply to Robert Wagner – ” Funny how those who would vilify these environmentally friendly alternatives to broad spectrum insecticide spraying, GM-Bt crops, refuse to acknowledge the same Bt proteins are used (in whole bacterial form) in organic agriculture. How does that work, if the Bt proteins/bacteria are safe, effective alternatives to insecticide spraying …” – There are some fundamental differences between the Bt used by farmers and those found in the GM-Bt crops. Farmers use the “original” Bt, found in nature, which is inert to humans but is transformed in the gut of the affected insect to become a lethal poison. GM-Bt crops produce only the lethal poison form …

      • Robert Wager


        That is completely false but I would love to know where you read it. Bt proteins(there are dozens odf different ones with different target pests) all must bind to the receptor protein lining the gut of sensitive species. When the Bt protein binds it eliminates ion control of the bound cell and it dies. Since no mammal has receptor proteins for the Bt proteins to bind to the Bt proteins are digested like every other protein we consume. May I suggest you go to my website and read the UN Consensus Document on the Safety of Plants Expressing Insecticidal Proteins. I recommend page 34.


  • @Denise

    There are fifty years of research that show no health benefits from organic food vs conventionally grown food according to three separate meta studies.

    “Insect gut busting” pesticides, I assume you mean Bt. Funny how those who would vilify these environmentally friendly alternatives to broad spectrum insecticide spraying, GM-Bt crops, refuse to acknowledge the same Bt proteins are used (in whole bacterial form) in organic agriculture. How does that work, if the Bt proteins/bacteria are safe, effective alternatives to insecticide spraying (which they are ) then they can not also be “vilified as “gut busting” .

    As for the fungicides, are you aware of the huge negative EIQ of copper compounds used in organic agriculture as alternatives to modern synthetic fungicides? Further the near future will see fungal resistant GM crops that don’t require any fungicides. Clearly these GM crops are part of the best way forward to a more sustainable future in agriculture.

    • Karen Graham

      I have a horse I would like to sell you Mr. Wagner. He is completely safe compared to GMOs.

    • Demetria

      Conventional? Who signed that convention? Who agreed to using harmful chemicals in food? LOL. The traditional way of growing food, the one your and my ancestors used, the convention, if you wish, did not involve chemical pesticides or herbicides, and much less, laboratory created aberrations.

  • Jerrod Schultz

    Seem the solution is obvious. Stop growing any GM seeds and eventually the contamination problem will be solved. Why should organic farmers suffer because GM seeds are being used by corporate farms. The GM farmers should be paying out giant settlements to compensate the farmers and the consumers for contaminating their food supply. Since when can you damage someone’s property and get away with it. An massive lawsuit is the approach that should be taken by ALL organic farmers. These giant corps have no right to ruin OUR earth and the food on it.

    • Jerrod

      That very case went before the NY Supreme court and the judge asked for any of the 30,000 plaintiffs to bring forward examples of loss of crop from GM contamination. Exactly zero came forward. Then the judge asked for any plaintiff who has been sued by Monsanto for adventitious presence of GM in their organic crop. Again exactly zero people came forward with proof of this. At this point the judge threw out the case stating the plaintiffs were trying to create a controversy where none exists. would you like to read the transcript of the trial?

      • Aniqa

        Yes please, I would like a transcript, I get the feeling there were probably many constraints with coming forward, red tape, time limits, etc…but please share the transcript linkif you can,

  • April Reeves

    Wow, been subscribing to The Western Producer for years, and this is the first time I’ve thought about cancelling my subscription. I have known Dag Falck and the Nature’s Path team for years, and in no breath would the innuendo of “we have to face GM as a reality for life” theme ever come from Dag. Really sad interpretation and article. Shame on you…

    And as for you Robert Wager, you’re a paid schill with zero respect from thousands of people. Your comments are not worth the time to read. As an organic farmer, I don’t use any product for insects. None. Never have, never will have to IF you understand the dynamics of biodiversity. Of course, that’s a field you can’t even stand on….

    • Now April, we both know I receive exactly zero dollars from the biotech industry. Why do you continually make that false accusation? if those “thousands of people” do not want to know the real science of GMO’s that is too bad but it most definitely will not stop me from educating the public about the real science vs the pseudo-science so common on the web.

      Presuming to know what I do and don’t know is a very dangerous thing to post as it is destined to come back to bite you. Credibility is something earned over time. that is why I am so careful to only publish what I can prove to be accurate. It takes years to earn it and seconds to lose it. be warned.

      • Jayson

        The science says I’m safe to wear a bright purple shirt that’s two sizes too big, but that doesn’t mean for a second I would leave a store with one. Regardless if the salesperson could show me the results of years of testing and articles from peer-reviewed journals showing it’s safe. It’s not what I want, so don’t try to force me to buy it. End of story. The exact same should be for foods. If people don’t want it, don’t try and force them to buy it.

        The science of whether GMO crops are safe or not is not the discussion farmers really need to care about. The real discussion is whether people want to eat them or not and why labelling laws must be changed to require GMO’s be labelled. There will be many who couldn’t care less, there will be many who care deeply. Farmers will figure out on their own which type to grow by the price they are able to get from each. My guess, GMO crops might see a dip in acreage. Again, my guess only.

        • Robert Wager

          I understand how you might feel that way but the entire food labeling system would need to change in order to truthfully allow for your desires. May I suggest you read the AMA document on labeling to get a better understanding of the entire picture.



          • Jayson

            Yes, the entire food labeling system would have to change and that’s exactly what I and others are asking for. We are asking for a change from no label to yes label. It’s not that hard, they did it when they had to start including the nutritional information on the label and they most certainly can do it again.

            Don’t even start with the sad story about how it will make companies have to change their labels, they do it all the time anyways to stay current. Heck, they even do it for special themes like the Olympics or Christmas. Give them a year or so to phase it in to run down their inventory, no one is trying to be a jerk about it.

          • Robert Wager


            It is not as simple as just changing a label on a box. That is the point the people calling for GM specific labels fail to understand. Please go read the AMA document I linked. It explains clearly what is really involved and why it is not in the publics best interest at this point in time without a widespread public education program about the facts of plant breeding and GM breeding in particular. This debate clearly shows how many are myth-informed on this subject.

  • Grant Rigby

    Hi Denise
    The glyphosate-tolerant GMO crops are likely responsible for the accelerating loss of arable farmland to salinity. For 40 years, we were not informed that glyphosate chelates (ties-up) essential nutrients such as manganese, zinc, copper, iron, etc, preventing usage in enzymes and thus starving living organisms. Within the dying cells of a tiny root tip in deep subsoil, I think there exists no biological pathway for the chelated atoms to be released from glypohosate for re-use by subsequent life forms. If a fungal hyphae cannot occupy that location due to an essential nutrient being tied up, then other elements in the plant such as sulfur are released from the living biomass and leach into the mobile soil solution, to concentrate as the white calcium sulphate salts in saline seeps, where salt levels become too high for plants to survive. Vast areas of farmland are being lost from human food production.
    But, the glufosinate-ammonia-tolerant GMO system is possibly sustainable, because that herbicide does not translocate within plants into the subsoil.

    • Robert Wager

      Interesting assertion Grant. Do you have references that demonstrate it. I would very much like to read them. Thanks in advance

      I did find a couple of papers that demonstrate the detoxification potential of glyphosate of heavy metal contaminated soil



      One point not mentioned in your post is the decomposition rates of glyphosate. It is around 40 days in standard conditions found on the farm. Therefore the chelation will only last for about 40 days. If you know of publications to the contrary I would very much like to read them.

      • fraser boyle

        First and foremost, whats you back ground Robert and who signs your cheques

      • Al

        It seems pretty suspicious, and even a bit creepy, that you would have an argument against every post here, along with many others I’ve seen on similar articles. Yet you claim to have no ties to companies producing/selling GMO products. No one is that passionate about defending something that is not in his own interests.

  • Allan J Bressler

    Well cross pollinated vegetables will still have a lot less GMO;s than the stuff Monsanto and Dow make in their labs….Where they transplant the stuff in the lab not by pollination…..I feel that these products if Organic are safer than buying the Monsanto Corn,soy and such foods…….so will keep using Organic products and will still avoid most processed foods of any kind and eat whole foods that are Organic………..thank You for the warning, but this is bound to happen until we ban GMO’s………….

  • Bryden Templeton

    After reading the comment section it is becoming apparent rationality is loosing the battle against ignorance. Its extremely disheartening. I think perhaps the only solution to this problem is education. Unfortunately we live in an age where bad science and misinformation is now more readily available than the opposite This is especially true in regards to food products. We need give people the tools to find and to differentiate between good peer-reviewed scientific knowledge from the garbage that is so prevalent today.

    Lastly I applaud Robert Wagner for maintaining his cool and class in the face of such discouraging examples of unawareness as well as backing his responses with credible journal articles. You are a bigger man than I.

  • Cori

    Look at how long it took for the cigarette giant, Phillip Morris, to finally receive the backlash of educated consumers. It wasn’t that long ago that people were encouraged to smoke, claiming that there were no ill health effects, blah blah blah… How many people had to get cancer from smoking before people started speaking out? We got mad! We demanded the truth. Then came the warning labels. “This product MAY cause health problems”. People started making a choice. Sure, there are tons of people who still chose to smoke… but there are many more who quit. GMO’s are relatively new with no long term proof of health risks. All we are asking for is a label.

  • Neil

    I am a farmer who has used fertilizer, pesticide and biotechnology to keep current with modern technology, to keep my farm profitable and to continue to provide nutritous and safe food for my family and all the other consumers I help feed. Its important to realize that GM crops (a negative name given to them by people opposed to it) are the use of biotechnology to speed up the plant breeding process. Plant breeding and plant mutations occur all the time in nature. Mankind has learned over several thousand years that they can speed up this process by selecting specific plants to cross. There have been many other breeding techniques before biotechnology that helped speed up this natural process. GM crops or biotechnology is just the latest scientific advancement. I agree we don’t have 50 or 100 years of studies but we didn’t with refrigeration, hydro, phones, cars, planes, televisions etc. either and yet we have accepted the use of these scientific advancements every day. North American society as well as others have been eating biotech (GM foods) since 1996 and I don’t know of any increase in health problems attributed to that. I think that is a pretty big population size in terms of statistical analysis. But I realize some consumers have a very negative view of the food we produce and I won’t be changing that with my little response here. So I have no problem having biotech foods labelled because I feel very safe with the food we eat. I have nothing to hide with biotech seeds or fertilizers, pesticides, etc. that I use on my farm. My humble opinion is that due diligence has been done by government departments that register these products for use, the same as is done for the drugs you buy at a pharmacy. Also many products are not registered because they don’t meet the criteria for use in Canada. I don’t believe entire departmnets are bought off by the companies that develop the products. I do believe we need to keep current testing criteria and government controls in place to make sure we continue to have safe and nutritous food for everyone.

    • Marc

      RE: Neil@4/25 3:04pm…

      While I can’t speak for Canada, when I see (former?) head researchers, scientists, CEOs and other executives, and lawyers from Monsanto in top government positions in the US, such as the head of the FDA, it adds suspicion. When they (Monsanto et al) lobby hard against labeling “biotechnology” (GE crops), it adds worry (why do they want to hide it from the consumer if it’s safe?), and when government and its administrative departments (headed by ‘former’ Monsanto senior directors, lawyers, CEOs, etc) pass and enforce GMO friendly policies, it makes us suspect that these departments ARE ‘bought off’. It’s as much the appearance of wrongdoing as the facts in public office.

      Personally, I believe if it’s safe and the consumer wants it labeled, label it, don’t fight the consumer’s wishes!

  • Jerome

    -there is a principle in Environmental Law: the polluter pays principle; so why do insurance companies refuse to cover cross-pollinated damages in organic crops by GMOs (or rather genetic inheritance changes)?
    -some GMOs crops are outlawed by the European Commission, but some soya and corn are imported in Europe, from North and South America, because of commercial agreements!

  • Bernie

    Both sides can say and regurgitate whatever suits them. I tend to base my decisions not on what others say, but what they do. What do the wives of the research scientists that work for companies like Monsanto have in their shopping carts?

    Perhaps insensitive, but I look at things like the life of recently deceased Guy Lafond who spent 30 years pushing agriculture to where it is today. He spent a lot of time in his GMO demonstration plots. Guy, a long-time Agriculture Canada scientist died April 27 from cancer. He was 59.

    I guess we should thank him. Now we do not see the dust from neighbour’s fields crossing our lands where our kids play, instead it’s replaced with invisible clouds of the countless chemicals sprayed these days. Don’t know about you, but I would prefer to take my chances of dying from the ill effects of the dust than the alternative.

  • galadriel lawrence

    Then ban GMO’s, GMO farming and GE seed. The cross contamination that screws up with our choice for a healthy life. This should be against the law. The government nor these companies cares about the health of people. Youd have to be an idiot not to know that pesticides and herbicides are giving everyone cancer. Wake up!!! It doesnt take a genius nor does it take a scientist to figure that out. Thats the word ‘contamination’. Is the organic seed contaminating the GE seed? NO, it isnt. Its making things worse. I hope they all go down. Monsanto, the government, all of them. EVIL people.
    And I would rather have .5% than 100%, anyday. Youactually think people who buy organic really would stop buying it .5% GMO caused by contamination and convert to 100% GMO???? NOT LIKELY!!!!! We will fight GMO for our children!!!!!

  • Janet

    It’s all about money, people who make better money from growing/selling GMO products will never admit that it is harmful, they will go to every extent to force it on all of us. Kudos to the E.U., obviously Monsanto have not infiltrated their political structure.

  • Sara

    We continue to grow and evolve with the use of technology, no complaints will escape my lips when it comes to my prehistoric dial-up connection, now transformed to wireless cable, but when it comes to the concept that our food has evolved as well we become enraged?
    What is this misconception that GMOs are harming us? The process is taking something that exists naturally and copying that gene that is desired. It essentially changes the DNA of an organism, much they way our techonolgy online has transformed using what worked in the past and leaving behind what didn’t.
    GMOs are carefully regulated, whereas mutagensis, the practice of changing the DNA sequence of a gene for purposes of increasing certain traits, like the 66 apple varieties released from Cornell since the late 1800’s, are not.
    What are we really concerned about here?
    If you really want to know about GMOs, there are answers here. Real answers.

    • Sandy

      So tomatoes genes inserted with fish genes is Ok with you? Because this is what’s coming next and other aberrations of nature. God created our DNA in such a manner that we could not reproduce with animals or them with us. You can’t question natural occurrences of cross pollination become it only happens within the same species of plant material. This article proves nothing good. All gmo’s are contaminating our food supply and we all have a right to know and choose pure and clean or dirty frankenfood.

  • delquattro

    We buy Nature’s Path, but if their organics manager is saying that they use GMO’s in their ingredients, then we have made a mistake in buying their products, and we won’t make that mistake, again.
    We know that processed foods are made using GMO’s, and that is why we don’t buy them anymore. For instance, we now make our own ice cream with organic ingredients. It is delicious, more healthy, and CHEAPER, not to mention enjoyable.
    We really have to thank Dag Falck for coming clean about his company’s lies. I’m going to be sure to pass this article on to Natural News.

    I couldn’t help noticing that Robert Wagner has been very busy at his assignment of defending GMO’s on this thread. I hope he is paid well, he is a good shill. Much of Wagner’s assertions simply fly in the face of common sense, though.
    A few observations:
    He cites NGO studies as if we haven’t noticed the incestuous relationship between governments, NGO’s and big business. For example, I could care less what the CDC says about anything, especially, anything in regard to vaccines. The USDA, and the FDA are nothing more than industry pimps for their corporation whores. Recently, in the US, Democrats and Republicans joined together to pass the Monsanto Protection Act, which the Democrat president signed into law.
    Even so called, “peer review journals,” which are often cited as if they are the arbiters of truth, but as we have learned with global warming, and vaccines, their truth is the best fraud, fiction, and slander money can buy.

    Studies presenting the notion that organics are no better than conventionally grown crops are fudged in such a way as to hide the fact that many organic farmers use crop rotation, rather than chemicals, which return nutrients to the soil. These studies also, conveniently, ignore the negative health impact of ingesting chemicals, along with the alleged equivalent level of nutrients found in organics.
    Wagner also tries to paint a picture of a burgeoning GMO trade in Europe. Countries all over Europe have banned Monsanto’s corn, if not, GMO’s outright. The GMO’s they allow are feed, which should not surprise a consumer not willing to buy organic meat.
    Glyphosate is a dangerous chemical which carries a toxicity that is measured, not in PPM, or PPB, but parts per TRILLION! Glyphosate is a dangerous chemical that needs to be banned, yesterday!
    Of course, Wagner’s defense of chemicals are assisted by the silence of the corporate media, which I have yet to see mention bee colonies being wiped out across the nation every day.

  • Jessica Denning

    I gave up eating corn in the 90s. I don’t eat sugar, soy, canola or cottonseed oil.
    Those are all junk food anyway, mainly used in sugar and junk oil leading to chronic disease. ‘nuf said.
    Organic potatoes are not sprayed with Roundup to kill the vines for harvest. Organic sugar cane and organic wheat are not sprayed with Roundup to ripen them before harvest. Conventional farming is forgetting about the child eating your GMO infant formula and baby food. Buy organic, and shun corn, soy, canola, beet sugar, cottonseed oil.
    What kind of responsible food producer would contaminate everybody else’s fields with their mutant pollen anyway? I prefer to support my local and organic food systems, and buy in season when available.

  • Laurel Johnson

    “But if you eat any of those products, and all of us do, you cannot”

    I beg to differ, one can stay away from ALL processed foods, I DO. Nothing but organic whole foods WITHOUT labels NOTHING boxed or packaged. Once people learn to eat THIS way they will feel the difference in how much better they feel!

    I was under NO illusions and realized long ago, ANYTHING containing corn, soy, canola and sugar whether labelled organic or not, was all suspect.

    • Yoteech

      I do not trust any of the establishment criteria or standards regarding organic foods. Ever since the USDA began to poke its nose into organic food certification attempts have been made over and over to lower standards. The original founders of the organic foods movement set up standards to creat a pure food supply in a polluted world. Even the AMA is suspect in my mind b/c it is made of people who have memorized text books rather than people who think independently and see what is right before their eyes. Organic whole foods are the best alternative to any prepared packaged foods in my opinion.

  • Liza

    Truth hurts sometimes…

  • Ronnie

    We are a family that eats minimally processed foods and organic. My daughter went to her grandparents home and I set no restrictions not wanting to place that pressure on my parents. She was in the E.R twice with unexplained hives all over her body after her first week. No explanation, except for the drastic change in her diet from whole to processed, conventional & lots of sugar. When she returned home she had two more episodes both while at picnics,there was NO one thing (food) it could be narrowed down to. After two weeks of detox she never had another episode. Now, my point is whole foods non-processed food diet makes a huge difference, I would not let this info sway me one bit. However, I will reconsider convenience organic foods.

  • John McQueary

    It’s this simple, do what you will to yourself. I don’t care. But your right ends with my rights to do what I will. If you can’t keep the results of your actions out my garden and off my table, then you must adhere to the law that restrains you. I really don’t care what you think about its safety or efficacy.

  • Jana Wiley

    The equine supplement marketplace is booming these days. One of the more published problems is the common occurrence of GI ulcers and gastritis in horses. Mulitple products have sprung up to deal with this, due to the pervasiveness of it. Every equine magazine has a full page ad selling them. All the vets have their scope at the ready to diagnose.

    Look at the labels of almost all equine manufactured feeds: CORN, SOY, and BEET PULP. Now they want WA State to expand their Round Up Ready Alfalfa crop. Paid shills were sent to Japan to try and convince them of how good this lab manufactured, heavily sprayed crop is so that a market place for them can be established. How much money was spent to convince the Japanese that they want this disgusting geed? So far we are saying NO to RR Alfalfa!

    The prevalence of ulcers and gastritis has also exploded in the human realm. So many of my patients are taking the ulcer medications now. Wonder why?

    So, why not create a true, informed marketplace Monsanto? There are plenty of people who demand that the suppliers LABEL GMOs. If these lab manufactured foods are so safe, why are there millions currently being poured into WA State to defeat I-522 by Monsanto and it’s affiliated food suppliers? Come on, labeling costs are not the issue. People knowing what they are buying and eating has these entities running scared. No matter how they try and frame it we are all having a gut reaction against these biodiversity destroying foods.

  • Ah, but more than by accident does this occur. Just google “GMOs in USDA Organic Food” and you’ll see how the USDA has created loopholes in the NOP ( National Organic Program) so that farmers can get away with it.

  • This sounds like a propaganda setting the people up for what they want to do which is to have GMO products in their food.

    We want and require and need ZERO tolerance on GMOs !!!!!!!

    Do not attempt to “educate” people so you can add GMO to your products.

  • gina

    I am eating non-gmo foods as I type…its out of my garden. I use heirloom seeds…processed foods, try to avoid. I travel a lot…that is a hard task…I am probably 85 to 90% free of gmo…goal is 100%, but its almost impossible unless you have year-round growing and your own chickens or some other farm animals with gmo free feed…because I’ll never be a vegan. I am just so pleased that people are learning about this though…makes my day that it is in some news sources and people are talking about it on social media.

  • SEProniske

    The Organic Industry should stop letting fear run their reasoning and I feel we as adults can handle the truth! What consumers don’t want is excuses when you could have told us the truth at any time! Plus a 2-5% GMO ratio in the 95-98% Organic food is still 1000 times better the 100% GMO from a non-organic source! Isn’t the whole point every thing in moderation, meaning you have some Vita Coco Coconut water instead of Coca Cola you eat Annies Mac n Cheese instead of Kraft and you buy Braggs Salad Dressings instead of all those that aren’t Braggs! Come On let’s be serious, did we all think we lived in a bubble where our “Organic Food” would be spared the wind change from a GMO laden farm!!!! Now we know and that’s all that matters!

    • Eric Kane

      Of course there are 100% GMO free produces. All this generalization and deception for the gullible. Know your ingrediants, just because it says “organic” corn chips, read the ingrediants. Organic corn, canola oil (most likely GMO). The deceivers pose as organic advocates just as well as some polititions pose that they support sustainable resources. Criticle thinking is a must. Take nothing for granted, do your own homework and still track even further. Masters of psycological warfare are the ones on the front lines now. The killing fields are all for mega profits, environmental and community neglect neglect.

  • Concerned…


    Please use some common sense & critical thinking, & realize there are ‘evil’ forces in this world that are not looking out for our best interests…

  • mdettee

    If it is modified, genecticaly or hybrid. It is not natural or heirloom.

  • S Mc

    It is interesting that these statements come from Guelph. The University there does testing for Monsanto. If one of these companies makes a statement like this I don’t buy into it. They lie over and over. I am very suspicious about the source….I just feel like this is another angle this corrupt industry is using to put even more pressure on the organic farmer. Organic works with nature, is the safest food we can eat, easiest on the environment…..biodiversity is so important. Bees are important. Every time you produce an argument to why GMO’s are dangerous and need to be discontinued the industry produces another ridiculous argument that most people may not be able to see through. Yes maybe organic is or is not contaminated. Isn’t the whole thing though about what we no longer want!! It just makes me dig my heals in more about why this is happening in the first place. Stop messing around with food!! Man has consistently messed up when trying to control nature. I will buy organic and support organic. I will not support the industry that produces GMO’s ever period!! People it’s just that simple!!

  • Dirk

    There are some in the conventional ag industry who hate our (organic producers and consumers) guts. They view us as a threat, but in reality we are following the free market system. Nobody is shoving organic food down the throats of consumers. Of course organic food is not completely GMO free. But then again I don’t know of a single organic farmer who makes that claim. How can we as farmers produce a GMO free product when our neighbors are permitted to grow things that contaminate areas they dont even own? I view it as a form of trespassing. People dont just buy organic food because they are usually GMO free. They buy it because we let our cows out on pasture, instead of tying them up all day. They buy pork because we organic producers dont raise pigs in crates……we let them walk free. Its a free market………let the consumers decide. If its just a fad it will die out.

  • The main reason that I try to buy organic products is because I don’t want pesticide and fertilizer residues in my food.
    They have found in studies (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23756170 for example) that pesticide residues in foods can cause cancer in parts per trillion concentrations… I don’t want to feed my family that! While my organic fruits and veggies might be contaminated with GMO DNA, at least I can be sure that they are not sprayed with toxic chemicals.
    I am also glad that we don’t eat anything that contains soy, corn, canola or sugar…. we don’t eat any grains or legumes at all tbh.

  • Ward Middleton

    Here is another interesting paper out of
    Berkely University in California that raises many of the ethical issues around biotechnology. http://nature.berkeley.edu/~miguel-alt/the_myths.html

  • Alan Wakefield

    To Robert Wager:
    In response to your question, “Would you like to see the transcript?” Yes, I want to read that transcript. What is the cite?
    Alan Wakefield

  • GM Judge

    Organic certifying bodies must and will stick to their zero tolerance to GM contamination. To succumb to biotech’s suggested tolerance, no matter how small, would be cause for celebration by these cunning corporations as it would negate any future litigation proceedings against them when the inevitable contamination events occur. Tolerance levels will without doubt be pushed higher and higher until these unethical patent holders begin suing organic farmers for using their technology. 30 years ago we had absolute zero (‘percent’ if you must) GM contamination of all our food and indeed it was not even an issue. Genetic Modification is the ‘new kid on the block’ and as such must respect the standards demanded by the oldest, most sustainable and healthy form of agriculture we have. Zero means just what it implies, zero.

  • I have a simple solution for you! Join the Free Organic Food Movement!

  • If Dag Falck really wants to help show Canadian organic farmers the way, why doesn’t he take me up on my offer to debate? Surely he’s not scared of debating his ideas, is he? Please go to my website: http://www.isitorganic.ca/

  • Alan Wakefield

    Why would anyone wish to poison an entire planet? Why would regulatory agencies wish to support that poisoning? Why does the AMA not insist their members warm their patients of the dangers of GMOs? Please, do not continue to defend this particular poison; when they try to hide GMOs by refusing to identify them on the label, THE ARGUMENT IS OVER! Like obama refusing to provide a genuine birth certificate, THE ARGUMENT IS OVER! obama IS NOT A U.S. CITIZEN!
    And its not just GMOs that are poisoning us, add to that thousands of “food(?) additives” working hand in glove with GMOs to destroy our immune systems. Add those deadly, immunity destroying, vaccines into that poisonous mix and what does that give us? The answer is found in the Georgia Guidestones, particularly Guide #1: MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE. (Google it for yourself) Earth’s population is now over seven billion! The target date for that UNDER half billion population is 2030! (cannot locate that file)
    Above Guide #1 are these words: “The message of the Georgia Guidestones:
    LET THESE BE GUIDESTONES TO AN AGE OF REASON” (An age of murderous insanity. All murderers are insane. All murderers are able to justify their murder.)
    All true healing is being attacked by these maniacs. Why do you suppose organic farms are being raided by armed federal thugs? (Google: organic farms raided by armed federal agents) It is because organic foods retard or interrupt the killing agenda of the “environmentalists” now running our government. The Codex Ailimentarius would outlaw organic farming and vitamin supplementation worldwide. (Google: codex outlaws organic farming).

  • Jean

    Money. That is the only reason.

  • Moreboomplease

    Organic farmers and consumers sure are paranoid.

  • Ddant

    The organic food industry is based on a trust system. It is mostly unregulated and consumers have to trust what they are told is healthy for them. Yet, independent research shows 43% of organic produce sold in N. America has illegal chemicals on them. Local producers are for the most part honest but they only account for 25% of organic sales in N. America. The other 75% is imported from China and Mexico and others (with questionable food standards and overview). This would mean that over 2/3’s of imported organic food is contaminated with illegal pesticides, assuming our own production is clean. Big organic is spending million of dollars and making unsubstantiated claims against todays modern and conservation farmers. They are also making personal attacks on scientists that they don’t agree with. Maybe its time to start testing the organic food that is being sold to be sure it lives up to its claims.

  • Eric Bjerregaard

    Because the AMA understands and accepts the fact that g.e. foods are as safe as any. And the argument is over. You lost.

  • Eric Bjerregaard

    No, Chance. You seem to forget that the wind blows both ways. As more g.e. sweet corn is grown we will have instances where organic field corn “contaminates” g.e. sweet corn.

  • Eric Bjerregaard

    No farming works with nature. It all requires modification in order to have fields and orchards.

  • Eric Bjerregaard

    The author posted no sources of facts. So you have no evidence of deception.

  • Eric Bjerregaard

    You have no evidence of the “paid shills” accusation or you would have posted it. Also if a company sent “paid shills” You still have to prove they lied. Also your horse stuff is anecdotal and not verifiable. I have friends with horses and they have told me nothing of newe problems since g.e. feed came on market. My claim is exactly as worthless from a scientific view as yours.

  • Eric Bjerregaard

    “aberrations of nature” baloney, There is nothing wrong with breeding corn from teosinte.

  • Eric Bjerregaard

    Instead of lying about his checks. Try googling him. He just might be a professor. My dad is one. He is still teaching even though he is retired. How’s that for a guess.

  • Eric Bjerregaard

    Unless he kicks or bites someone. Or if organic, is contaminated with e. coli.

  • Eric Bjerregaard

    Got any evidence? Or are you just making up stuff because you can not prove him wrong?

  • Mike Seely

    Just look at your comment. Fallacies abound. This is exactly why no one should take you seriously.

  • So basically the unaccountable, unethical, and irresponsible biotech “scientists”, along with their idiot back pocket politicians, have already ruined the natural, organic, food supply on the planet, according to this article and manufacturers.

  • Therese Mosa

    Honesty is always the best policy and I will continue to buy organic.

  • ddmgmgh ddmgmgh

    A better title for this article would be ” Cross Pollination from GMO Canola, Soy and Corn Contaminates Organic Alternatives”-see the difference honesty makes?