JC Cahill, a researcher and biological sciences professor at the University of Alberta, wants to see if ranchers and farmers can tap into the fighting abilities of plants.  |  Jeremy Simes photo

Researcher gets into plants’ heads

U of A scientist tries understanding what makes plants tick in an effort to make them natural weed killers

An Alberta researcher wants to figure out if farmers can tap into the fighting abilities of their crops and use that to benefit the farm. The benefits could mean higher yields, fewer inputs and fewer weeds, according to JC Cahill, a biological sciences professor with the University of Alberta. Cahill discussed this idea during the […] Read more

Researchers tracking tumbleweeds found most of the seeds were lost in the first 500 metres. | File photo

Study finds kochia stays close to home

MEDICINE HAT — They aren’t cowboys, but they do drift along with tumbleweeds. And sometimes they run. Agriculture Canada researchers Bob Blackshaw and Hugh Beckie have assigned their graduate students to chase tumbleweeds as part of research in Lethbridge and Scott, Sask. The scientists wanted to know how far and how much kochia, a tumbleweed […] Read more

Growers will need to find alternatives to Group 1 and Group 2 herbicides to manage resistance.  |  File photo

Weed sampling shows increasing herbicide resistance

Preliminary results of herbicide resistance testing in weed samples from last year shows a trend toward Group 2 resistant wild oats. The testing done at the Saskatchewan Crop Protection Lab in Sask-atoon examined 235 weed samples: 76 from Saskatchewan, 103 from Alberta and 56 from Manitoba. Twenty-two samples were not yet completed when the preliminary […] Read more