New Gators redesigned for comfort

Red Deer — John Deere has focused on operator comfort in its latest design for the Gator utility vehicle. The gas-powered Gator XUV835 and the diesel-powered Gator XUV865 have three-wide seating, as well as heat and air conditioning in versions that come equipped with the cabs. “All the cabs will be plug and play,” said […] Read more

Handling farm chores from morning til dusk

The all-terrain vehicle market has come a long way since Honda’s Big Red three-wheeler started showing up on Canadian farms in the 1970s. There are now many distributors and offerings of ATVs, as well as countless options and attachments that have changed dramatically how work is done on many farms. The most common use of […] Read more

Company introduces UTV to handle lifting chores

FARGO, N.D. — Hustler Turf Equipment is best known for its line of zero-turn mowing equipment, but the company’s new MDV Levelift utility task vehicle (UTV) may soon change that. The box of the MDV LeveLift can be lowered to the ground by the company’s patented lifting mechanism. “It goes all the way down to […] Read more

Safety specialist says ATV designed to maintain stability

A mother whose young son was killed in an ATV crash sometimes wonders if her son would be alive today had the machine been better safety features. Blaine Sanford, 6, died in the summer of 2015 after he and his three-year-old brother, Rhett, were thrown from the quad by either braking too hard or turning […] Read more

Can’t all-terrain and task vehicles be made safer?

Despite repeated safety warnings, the number of deaths related to ATV and UTV vehicle rollovers persists. Alberta, the province with the most ATV/UTV-related deaths on the Prairies, reported 185 deaths from 2002-13. In Saskatchewan, 25 people died from 2013-16 and 28 died in Manitoba during that same period. The deaths include those related to all-terrain […] Read more