Japan deal vital if TPP gets axe

If the Trans Pacific Partnership founders, the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association wants the federal government to pursue a separate free trade agreement with Japan. None of the 12 member countries have ratified the deal, but if the United States turns it down, the entire agreement could fail, the CCA foreign trade committee was told during the […] Read more

TPP coverage, take our poll!

We’ll post all our TPP coverage to this page, which will be updated continuously. #tpp Tweets UPDATED: 1350 CST – October 15, 2015 (TPP background story links can be found further below on this page) TPP results may save Lantic sugar plant from closure – A deal reached during the recent Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks […] Read more

TPP trade deal reached, dairy compensation included

A TPP deal has been made. Canada has announced a $4.3 billion package of programs and compensation to help supply-managed producers as the Trans-Pacific Partnership is implemented. The deal, announced this morning, gives 3.25 percent market access for dairy, 2.3 percent access for eggs, 2.1 percent for broiler chicken, two percent for turkey, and 1.5 […] Read more

Canada says Pacific trade deal offers limited access to dairy market

OTTAWA, Oct 5 (Reuters) – Canada said on Monday that a major trade deal agreed by 12 Pacific nations would only allow limited access to protected Canadian domestic dairy and poultry markets, a politically sensitive issue ahead of the Oct. 19 election. Officials said the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would offer up just 3.25 percent of […] Read more

Canada’s dairy system must be defended

As I’m reading the media reports from the recent G20 agriculture ministers meeting in Turkey, I can’t help but think the United States is publicly bullying Canada on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and suggesting the dismantling of our supply management system. The articles clearly indicate that agriculture minister Gerry Ritz is holding his ground. I thank […] Read more