Michael Walter walks his irrigation equipment across one of the vegetable gardens at the Cayley Hutterite colony.  |  Mike Sturk photo

Yes, Hutterites do pay taxes

Hutterites and Hutterite colonies pay income taxes. In fact, they often pay more than their non-Hutterite farming neighbours. “It’s a very common myth,” said MNP regional managing partner and certified professional accountant Gord Tait. “The biggest myth … is that Hutterites don’t pay income tax or that they pay significantly less than others. “It is […] Read more

The Canadian Cattlemen's Association is just one of the farm groups that have joined the Coalition for Small Business Tax Fairness fighting the proposed tax changes. | Screencap via www.cattle.ca

Tax reform protest heats up

Farmers have joined with allies from across the country to fight the federal government’s proposed tax changes, ones many say could threaten the future of the family farm. It’s an attempt to pressure a Liberal government that might or might not understand the practical implications the changes could have on farm income, succession and family […] Read more

Farm innovations qualify for credits

It is not a stretch to see farmers as scientists involved in combining natural elements to create new ones. Farmers provide the base ingredients for many mixtures, including cooking oils, sweetening agents, spirits and a portion of the fuels that power our vehicles. It is equally natural to think that some of your farming activities […] Read more