A road trip through Manitoba’s Waterfall Alley

Massive walls of water thunder over a fault line. Cataracts and rapids twist through a narrow canyon. Most intriguing of all, a rapid-filled spring seems to gush mysteriously from a solid rock wall. The best part is that all of these spectacular natural features are easily accessible along a paved highway following the Grass River […] Read more

The spectacular sights of Cape Breton’s Cabot Trail

L istings of the most scenic drives in North America usually rank the Cabot Trail on Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island near the top. We decided to see what all the fuss is about and discovered a rare place that more than met our expectations. A third of the loop route snakes through Cape Breton […] Read more

Expert tips for memorable vacation photos

Well-crafted photos can provide lasting memories from a summer vacation. Whether you’re embarking on a grand tour to far-flung lands or spending a week at the lake, keeping a few simple techniques in mind can make a big difference to the quality of your photos. There’s a saying that painting is the art of addition, […] Read more

River of choices; ride the rapids or relax

Sitting on the smooth rocky outcropping jutting into the tiny lake, we looked over North Falls pouring out of Otter Lake and framed by brilliant green forest. Behind us, we could hear the roar of another set of rapids emptying into Mountain Lake, the next in the long chain making up the Churchill River. It […] Read more

Spaced out in Florida: visiting the Kennedy Space Center

While we have all seen news coverage of rocket launches, space shuttles and moon landings, visiting the place that made it all happen brings it to life. The Kennedy Space Center sits near Florida’s Atlantic coast, less than an hour’s drive east of Orlando. Even those with only a mild interest in space can’t help […] Read more

Laos attracting more tourists, but remains laid back

We silently rose above the rice fields just before dawn, the only sound an occasional blast from burners on the hot air balloon. Our pilot made fine adjustments to the heat until our almost vertical ascent caught the high gentle breeze that took us slowly along the Nam Song River Valley. We looked down over […] Read more

Southern Bolivia a world apart

The full moon cast a soft light over the world’s largest salt lake, then as it dipped below the horizon, the rising sun suddenly washed a warm glow over the brilliant white salt that had crystallized into strange polygon patterns stretching to the horizon. While impressive, this was only one of a series of mesmerizing […] Read more

Explore Manitoba’s caves and crevices

Prepare for an adventure among the moss-covered rock formations formed more than 400 million years ago

The forest path brings us to the rim of a rocky cliff overlooking the vivid blue waters of Clearwater Lake. We have to be careful where we step, since the flat-topped cliff suddenly drops into deep, narrow crevices. Closer to shore, we gaze over a jumble of massive boulders, remnants from a cliff face that […] Read more

Bears rule in Alaska’s Katmai National Park

“Two bears are coming down the path toward us,” warned the park ranger. “We had better move back and wait on this rise until they pass by.” As we stood on the small knoll right beside the path, two well-fed brown bears (larger cousins of the grizzly) ambled by, seemingly ignoring us. Just when we […] Read more

History abounds along picturesque Battle Creek

Battle Creek may be one of the shorter waterways on the Prairies, but few can match it for the mix of history and scenery around every corner of its meandering course. Located at the northern extent of the Gulf of Mexico watershed, the creek begins in the Cypress Hills, just east of Elkwater, Alta. While […] Read more