Supply? Demand? What are we dealing with?

Economists and analysts are wrestling with enormous uncertainty

Most of what goes into creating the price of crops and livestock comes from supply and demand. More supply and less demand? Probably lower prices. More demand and less supply? Probably higher prices. It’s a little bit more complex than that, but those are some of the basics. But how do you project future prices […] Read more

Continued hot weather may dry up pastures and force livestock producers to put cattle on hay several weeks earlier than normal.  |  Wendy Dudley photo

Brace for hay shortage, price hike

Hay prices are above average in Saskatchewan and may get higher this fall. If a number of factors come together, prices could spike. Most forage sellers are now asking five to eight cents per pound, with most of the hay trading closer to five cents. Trewett Chaplin, a livestock producer from Craik, Sask., thinks prices […] Read more

Stocking rates must be adjusted to keep pastures sustainable.  |  Barb Glen photo

How much forage is enough?

VERMILION, Alta. — Grazing basics tell producers to balance livestock demand with available forage supply. The concept seems simple enough, but that balancing act requires different plans depending on the plant community, geography and cattle behaviour. “You need to graze in a sustainable way so you can come back and maintain that asset,” said Donna […] Read more

Agbor Ndoma, executive director of CSAD in Lagos, Nigeria, is in discussions with bin companies such as Meridian looking for storage and handling systems.  |  Robin Booker photo

Bargains to be had on urea, ammonia

Urea prices are $100 per tonne below those of recent years, reflecting low natural gas costs, weak demand and new production

Growers should seriously consider locking up their 2017 nitrogen fertilizer needs at today’s prices, says an analyst. Urea and anhydrous ammonia prices are lower than they have been in a long while, said Derek Squair, president of Agri-Trend Marketing. He has seen urea prices as low as $300 per tonne and anhydrous prices of 36 […] Read more

Strong prices will likely spark a buckwheat acreage increase this spring.  |  File photo

Gluten-free demand spurs premium for buckwheat

A Manitoba seed dealer is offering $16.50 a bushel for new crop buckwheat because eastern Canadian demand is surpassing supply. Buckwheat flour is a hot item in parts of Quebec and Ontario, thanks in part to the gluten-free consumer trend. “Before it was in the bin (last year), I had a waiting list (of buyers),” […] Read more

Nitrogen fertilizer is a major expense for wheat and canola growers.  |  File photo

Higher output may push down nitrogen

New plants in North America coming online, may cause an oversupply

Nitrogen fertilizer prices are heading lower and will remain depressed for years to come, says a fertilizer analyst. “Demand for imports is falling while availability of exports is rising,” said Neil Fleishman, director of research with Green Markets, a fertilizer analytical publication. “It’s that import-export imbalance that we see as a driver to push prices […] Read more