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Graduation will still happen this year — just differently

Q: After watching our son and his friends for the past year and a half planning their high school graduation, you can appreciate all of the disappointment we saw when the coronavirus ripped all of their plans to shreds and graduation had to be cancelled. It has been hard. Graduation from high school was something […] Read more

Husband encouraged to improve listening skills

Q: For the past four or five years, my wife has been a little more than edgy, downright unreasonable at times, and most often very difficult. I have no idea what is going on. About the only time she is at all sparking with the life that I used to see in her eyes is […] Read more

Too often parents are not starting out with reasonable guidelines to help their kids manage their phones before the kids have started playing with them. | Getty Images

Children need parental help managing their cellphones

Q: Against my better judgment, my husband and I have agreed to put a new cellphone under the Christmas tree for our 12-year-old son. My husband is about as enthusiastic for this thing as I am, but we see our boy wandering into the classroom in his school as one of the few students not […] Read more

Caregiving appears to be a uniquely Canadian activity. It’s estimated that eight million people have at some time in their lives been caregivers. | Getty image

Care homes not only option for elderly parents

Q: I am worried about my sister. Of the five of us who grew up on the farm, she is the only one who stayed behind after high school graduation. That, of course, is just fine, but somehow in the process she has become the family caregiver, and I am concerned that she is spending […] Read more

The impact of cellphones has gone way beyond adolescence. | Getty image

Personal interactions continue despite cellphone use

Q: My husband recently took me on what the young people today might call a date night. We ate at one of the more elegant cafes, and it was wonderful. But during the evening, the two of us saw something that we thought was somewhat distressing. A young couple came to the table next to […] Read more

Fear of flying can be treated with help from a doctor and psychologist.  |  Getty image

Find the words to help conquer fear of flying

Q: I am afraid of flying. I have always been afraid of flying but until recently it was not an issue. Of late our children have moved out of the home and are settled almost everywhere about this great country of ours. That is great, but it means if I want to spend time with […] Read more

Self-efficacy may be a better goal than self-esteem

Q: I don’t know how many times I have been told that life would be more enjoyable for me if I took some time to raise my self-esteem. I got that advice all the way through high school, from various professors at university and from my colleagues at work. It is not that I don’t […] Read more