Self-efficacy may be a better goal than self-esteem

Q: I don’t know how many times I have been told that life would be more enjoyable for me if I took some time to raise my self-esteem. I got that advice all the way through high school, from various professors at university and from my colleagues at work. It is not that I don’t […] Read more

An Adult Child of an Alcoholic often learns to trust no one.  |  Getty images

Children of alcoholics can face serious problems as adults

Q: I have learned over this last little while to admire my 13-year-old nephew. His mother, my sister, is a committed alcoholic. Her relationship to the bottle is more important to her than are her responsibilities to her family. Fortunately for her, her son, my nephew, picks up on a number of chores around the […] Read more

It’s best not to try to argue an elderly parent into a long-term care home.  |  Getty image

Listening best way to ease Mom into care home

Q: What an ordeal this has been. For the past 13 years, ever since my dad died, my mom has been living alone in the little house she and Dad bought when they sold the farm and moved into town. Mom has always been fiercely independent. Unfortunately, that is not working for her any more. […] Read more

Recent studies suggest that 70 percent of those who smoke regularly would like to stop.  |  Getty image

It’s not easy to stop smoking

Q: I am married to a smoker and I just hate it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate my husband. He is in so many ways the most sensitive and caring man I have ever met. I simply hate his smoking. We have of course talked about smoking ad infinitum, and he always tells […] Read more

It’s important to set goals when attempting to help a marriage survive.  |  Getty image

Setting new goals might help save marriage

Q: I am lost. I do not know what to do. I know that we need to work on our relationship, but unless he is willing to co-operate with me on this thing, not much is going to happen. I thought that counselling might help us, but that obviously is out of the question. So, […] Read more