Sheep at 
J and M Farms near Lethbridge wait patiently to be sheared. | Barb Glen photo

Strength, stamina and skill meet shears

WILSON SIDING, Alta. — It takes a special kind of crazy to enjoy sheep shearing. That’s what Allison Preston says, anyway. The 26-year-old lives on a sheep operation near Hays, Alta., where the family has a flock of 800. In a few days, she and her brother and father will shear 200 of those sheep, […] Read more

Laverne Struck takes a firm hold on the legs while shearing the underbelly. The team works together like a well-oiled machine.
|  Judith Wright photo

Shear thrills

WATROUS, Sask. — Today I am part of a crew that will relieve sheep of about four kilograms of their wooly winter wear. It’s the annual sheep shearing day at the Dog Tale Ranch near Watrous, Sask., where Arlette and Allen Sieb have invited friends and neigh-bours to take part . For the first hour, […] Read more

A truckload of wool is delivered to the Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers outlet in Lethbridge. Wool will later be compressed for more economical shipping
to the grading facility in Carlton Place, Ont.  |  Mike Sturk photo

Bags roll into Alberta wool collection site

Fibre comes in from depots across the province, as well as B.C. and Saskatchewan, for grading and shipping to Ontario

The wool comes in from all points on the compass, leaving flocks of sheared sheep in its wake. On this day, a truckload of wool from north-central Alberta is unloading while another semi-trailer sits on the street outside, waiting its turn in the dock. It is a busy time for Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers branch […] Read more