Touch of a button means less exercise

Technology has made life more convenient on the farm, but fitness levels often suffer from sedentary days in the cab

MEDICINE HAT — Farmers often take better care of their livestock and machinery than themselves. That’s the finding of Jordan Jensen, who is now in a position to help remedy that problem. Jensen administers the Sustainable Farm Families program that operates out of the Farm Safety Centre in Raymond, Alta. The program involves farmers and […] Read more

Death feels closer in small town Saskatchewan

The following is an excerpt from The Surprising Lives of Small Town Doctors, edited by Dr. Paul Dhillon and published by the University of Regina Press. Dhillon contributed this chapter from Saskatchewan. Dying here, far from any building over two storeys, is very different than dying in the city. Death is closer here, more intimate. […] Read more

Overcoming obstacles to rural care

Dementia care in rural communities has its challenges, but a leading researcher says there are ways communities can help those affected. Anthea Innes of Bournemouth University in Poole, England, said dementia can’t be prevented but it can be slowed. “Things that are good for your heart are also good for your brain,” she told delegates […] Read more