Prevention, deterrence and surveillance are considered to be the central elements in a successful crime reduction program.  |  File photo

Police pleased with rural Crime Watch success

The program has expanded to 190 Saskatchewan rural municipalities from eight or nine that were in existence in 2017

Criminal activity will always be a concern in remote areas of Saskatchewan where police presence is limited, says Mel Zurvinsky, an RCMP corporal who specializes in working with rural communities and preventing rural crime. However, preventive measures can have a huge impact on deterring criminal activities and reducing personal losses. The use of surveillance cameras, […] Read more

An RCMP officer examines a rural property in the St. Paul, Alta. area.  |  Jeremy Simes photo

Alberta to add 500 new RCMP positions to fight rural crime

The Alberta government plans on adding 500 more RCMP positions in the province, though it will be requiring small communities to shoulder the majority of the new costs. The province announced Dec. 4 that it’s implementing a new police funding model that will see communities and the federal government inject an additional $286 million over […] Read more