Farmers have long been repairing their own equipment. However, the tools needed for many modern machines extend well beyond the toolbox. Who holds the information to make those fixes and tools to do it have been a bone of contention between the machinery industry and producers.  |  File photo

American farmers’ right to repair powered by the president

President Biden issued an executive order on a farmer’s right to repair their equipment. On July 9 President Biden signed the order that asks the Federal Trade Commission to force large manufactures including tech companies and agricultural OEMs let consumers repair their own devices or use the technician of their choice. Biden’s executive order included […] Read more

The Western Equipment Dealers Association says that instead of evoking a can-do spirit and common sense, the right-to-repair movement proposes government-sanctioned intellectual property theft and promotes illegal modification.  |  File photo

Dealers issue right-to-repair warning

The relationship between equipment dealers and farmers is close-knit and we have a vested interest for our customers to be prosperous. We know that when farmers are successful, dealers and our communities are successful. That is why it would be unwise for a provincial government to disrupt this relationship by implementing unnecessary regulations on the […] Read more

Many farmers are lobbying for the right to modify the electronics in their modern farm equipment, but dealers say there are many reasons why this isn’t a good idea.  | REUTERS/Lim Huey Teng photo

Case made against right-to-repair

The Western Equipment Dealers Association rejects proposed right-to-repair legislation as ‘unnecessary and divisive’

WINNIPEG — Farm groups and a number of non-farm groups are pushing governments to pass right-to-repair legislation. Industry is pushing back, saying that companies are addressing farmers’ concerns about repairing equipment. Chief among farmer concerns is expensive new equipment that comes to a halt in the field when a computer malfunctions. Farmers attending Crop Connect […] Read more

Tom Schwarz, right, talks to Kevin Hursh about farmers’ rights to repair their farm equipment, which Schwarz said is becoming an increasingly important issue.  |  Robin Booker photo

You bought and paid for your tractor; but own it?

The licensing agreement for the embedded software in Tom Schwarz’s John Deere tractor has him frustrated. “This contract between you and Deere defines every electronic part in the product as a licensed product and it demands total control over those parts, which of course the equipment is useless without. What Deere is effectively saying is […] Read more

U.S. farmers fight for right to repair

U.S. farmers fight for right to repair

Growers rebuff recent industry proposal to improve service as an attempt to derail right to repair legislation

Farmers buying a new implement face two technological hurdles. First, the electronics are nearly impossible to repair, and second, they may not have the legal right to try fixing it. To top it off, they may not even own the tractor for which they paid half a million dollars. Some manufacturers argue that they own […] Read more

Repairs to farm equipment have become more complex, along with the tools needed to accomplish them.  |  File photo

Tractor hacking new underground revolution

Many Midwest American farmers feel their sovereignty and sense of independence has been violated by the electronic lockups integral to new farm implements. Their fight for digital independence is part philosophical and part pragmatic. You can almost sense the atmosphere of the Boston Tea Party pulsing in their veins as farmers deal with losing their […] Read more

The short little red wire with two soldered ends saved farmer John Gehrer $6,700 in parts plus installation costs, he says.  He feels the mechanical components on new implements have become so reliable that we are now sending good equipment to the wrecker because the electronics are too expensive to repair.  |  John Gehrer photo

A farmer’s perspective on repair

I did not realize until now that there was quite as big a “movement” about aftermarket repair. I have talked to a few mechanics who repair mostly John Deere farm equipment, and they say up to 2006 they can get into most farm machinery computers. I get the sense that these guys are low profile […] Read more

Manufacturers plan to offer farmers more information

Farm equipment dealers and manufacturers are swerving to avoid a large pothole in their technology sales road, offering farmers more information about what keeps their machinery ticking. The growing right to repair movement has been a global phenomenon. From cellular phones to the latest automobiles, people have been hacking their way through the technology to […] Read more

Farmer group concerned with future of implements

At their Jan. 25 annual meeting, members of Keystone Agricultural Producers expressed their concern with the potential negative impact of technological developments in farm machinery. That concern was brought into focus during a presentation by David Yee, vice-president of operations at the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute. He explained how existing intellectual property legislation can be […] Read more