Sask. has plan to carry on with scrap tire collection

Changes to scrap tire collection have left nearly a third of Saskatchewan rural municipalities with piles of discarded tires that councillors and residents want removed. The Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corp., a non-profit organization that had operated the province’s tire recycling program since 1996, dissolved Aug. 31 after new regulations came into force earlier in the […] Read more

Ohio man farms the wasteland

DELAWARE COUNTY, Ohio — Waste is a dirty word to Ohio farmer Tom Price. Owner of the family-operated Price Farms Organics near Columbus, he has become a receiver of every kind of food byproduct, manure and yard trimming. Those products are turned into compost and sold back to community retailers, wholesalers, gardeners and landscapers. “We […] Read more

Waste not, want not

Thousands of kilograms of food are thrown out the back door of Calgary grocery stores each day, but one entrepreneur has found a way to turn that unwanted material into fertilizer. Bio-Cycle Solutions started about 12 years ago when Alberta legislation on manure management changed. Neil Wiens and a partner started a composting business to […] Read more

Sea containers get new life: thinking outside the box

Cattle feeders or dog kennels, office or storage facility — imagination is the limit

The sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing shipping containers for use on the farm, says Joe Hamilton. The half owner of Bond Industrial Direct Inc. in Saskatoon has been modifying and retrofitting containers for the mining and construction industries since 2009. He said the functional structures that are created from recycled sea containers […] Read more

No more lagoons

Livestock water recycling system breaks down manure and produces water that can be used for on-farm jobs

Imagine pouring thousands of litres of soupy manure through a series of filters and generating clean, clear water. It is the premise of Livestock Water Recycling, a Calgary company that has sold its patented units to dairy and hog farms in Canada and the United States. Milking parlour technology has advanced over the years, but […] Read more

Refurbished Hobies provide family fun

Restoring sailboats an enjoyable sideline

PELICAN LAKE, Man. — A small two hulled catamaran with a tarpaulin stretched between the hulls sits by the side of a Manitoba rural road, with its mast just waiting to be hoisted. The Hobie sailboat is parked outside Darryl Enns’s business, Signature Cover, in Elm Creek, Man. He has been manufacturing hopper covers for […] Read more