Pulse sector hopes to capitalize on year in spotlight

Pulse crops will soon be placed under the global spotlight. The General Assembly of the United Nations has voted to declare 2016 the International Year of Pulses. “This is an extraordinary opportunity for the global pulse industry,” Pulse Canada chief executive officer Gordon Bacon said in a release. “Having a UN dedicated year will raise […] Read more

Stats Canada lentil forecast below trade expectations

Statistics Canada’s lentil number was the most hotly contested of the agency’s September pulse production estimates. Stat Publishing said the 1.71 million tonne forecast was at least 200,000 tonnes below trade expectations. Some think the final number could exceed the 2009-10 record of two million tonnes. Marlene Boersch, partner in Mercantile Consulting Venture Inc., may […] Read more

Pulse project almost complete

Grain and canola in plans | Company says the expansion in Dafoe, Sask., is just the beginning

BroadGrain Commodities Inc. is putting the final touches on an expansion project at its pulse and special crops processing plant in Dafoe, Sask. The trading company bought the plant from Lakeside Global Grains Inc. in 2011 and has invested $2.9 million over the last four months to double the plant’s storage and handling capacity and […] Read more

Yields could top expectations

Outlook good | Pulse crops are performing well despite wet conditions, says processor

Pea and lentil forecasters should pull out their erasers and then pencil in bigger average yield projections, according to industry observers. “If you look at the big picture, we’re going to produce more than an average crop,” said Greg Simpson, president of Simpson Seeds Inc., one of Saskatchewan’s largest lentil processors. Half of the estimated […] Read more

Prepping on a grand scale

Pulse recipes upsized | Nutritionists prepare pulse recipes for use in cafeterias, health care

Need a chili recipe for 500 people, a Greek pulse and pasta salad for 250 or enough black bean brownies for 100? The Saskatoon health region and Pulse Canada hope their new large scale pulse recipes will put more pulses in long-term care facilities and cafeterias and on wedding banquet menus. Charlotte Pilat Burns of […] Read more

Soybeans not tolerated in edible bean crop

Putting beans and soybeans in the same rotation is dangerous, says Dennis Lange of Manitoba Agriculture. Even a tiny amount of soybeans in an edible bean sample can make the beans undeliverable. “Even having half a percent volunteering in your pinto bean field, you could get rejected at the elevator,” Lange told the recent Manitoba […] Read more

Livestock take big bite of pulse supply

Consumption up | Increased demand for domestic feed forecasted to drive down Canadian pea and lentil stocks

Statistics Canada’s Dec. 31 stocks report has transformed the market outlook for peas and lentils. The report, released Feb. 5, revealed that Canada’s livestock sector consumed a lot more pulses from August to December than many forecasters had anticipated. It is causing them to pull out their erasers and redo supply and demand charts for […] Read more

Growth in Africa presents pulse opportunities

Canada’s pulse industry is ignoring Africa at its peril, says a market analyst. Africa is expected to account for 22 percent of world population by 2050, up from 15 percent in 2010. Economic activity in sub-Saharan Africa has been expanding by five to seven percent a year in the past decade with the exception of […] Read more

India’s pest problems may be boon for Canada

Export opportunities for pulses | India revives pulse import subsidy to control food price inflation

India’s faltering pigeon pea crop and its revamped pulse import subsidy could provide much-needed support to Canadian lentils and yellow peas, says an analyst. A story in India’s Business Standard said the country’s reliance on imported pulses will increase be-cause of pest damage to the summer season pigeon pea crop. A veteran Indian pulse trader […] Read more