Canola yields across many areas of the southern Prairies are expected to be below normal due to lack of moisture.  |  WP photo illustration

Canola forecasts wide ranging

There is a wide disparity in production estimates for the 2017 canola crop. Larry Weber of Weber Commodities forecasts a Canadian harvest of 16.8 million tonnes, although he believes it could easily be lower than that. Derek Squair, director of merchandising with Providence Grain, is leaning toward the high end of his range of 18.5 […] Read more

An increase in acres along with export market competition could push prices down.  |  File photo

Hempseed acre increase may lead to excess supply

Hempseed may top 140,000 acres in Western Canada this year, a significant increase from recent levels of 70,000 to 100,000 acres. If acreage does jump and yields are decent, Canada could produce an excess of hempseed in 2017, says an industry leader from Saskatchewan. “We are probably going to end up with way more than […] Read more

Sprouting and mildew in the Barrhead - Westlock areas north of Edmonton is the result of too much rain just at harvest time. The heavy rains and accompanying winds have caused lodging in many area wheat and barley crops, with the result farmers are reporting sprouting in standing crops. | Les Dunford photo

Short supply of milling wheat likely

The world is awash with wheat but not milling quality wheat, say analysts. The International Grains Council forecasts a record 743 million tonnes of production. Global stocks are expected to reach 229 million tonnes by the end of 2016-17, resulting in a bearish 31 percent stocks-to-use ratio, which would be the highest in 15 years. […] Read more

Farmers with bin space who store canola and wheat could be waiting a long time for a price rally.  |  File photo

Analysts see little price recovery on horizon

Regardless of a bullish canola surprise in Statistics Canada’s recent crop production estimate, the bears are still in charge of that and other crop markets. That’s got analysts and advisers offering farmers few hopes for better prices, but perhaps better ways to deal with the downdrafts than just hanging on and praying. “I think it’s […] Read more

Commodity analysts and traders are at odds over average pea yield estimates and pea acre estimates, resulting in price predictions that are both bearish and bullish.  |  File photo

Analysts’ forecasts differ on peas

China’s purchase of an additional 50,000 tonnes of green peas has brought down the large Canadian carryover

Sean Pratt reports from the Global Pulse Convention in Cesme, Turkey, about what is driving pulse markets CESME, Turkey — The trade is divided on whether it is bullish or bearish on peas despite forecasts for a sizable increase in world production. Stat Publishing forecasts 12.7 million tonnes of global production in 2016, up 2.3 […] Read more

Stars align in honey sector to put profit in pockets

Good prices, high quality and low dollar spark increase in exports

Things are looking rosy in Canada’s beekeeping industry. Honey prices are hovering around US$2 per pound, and prairie beekeepers had minimal colony losses this winter. More importantly, the Canadian dollar is now trading below 80 cents, which should help western Canadian beekeepers regain a larger share of the U.S. honey market. According to U.S. census […] Read more

A repeat of last year’s bumper harvest isn’t expected this year as farmers begin harvesting their crops. This swather moves along a rural road east of High River, Alta., where farmers are cutting canola and silage.  |  Mike Sturk photo

Smaller harvest good for basis levels

Statistics Canada has verified that Western Canada won’t be producing 2013-like bin-buster crops. Not that it matters. Markets were mostly unaffected by the agency’s first production report of the 2014-15 crop year, released Aug. 21, apparently shrugging off the numbers. As well, canola futures moved opposite from what the bullish estimates suggested. “It’s not a […] Read more