Why coyote trap-and-release programs don’t reduce predator concerns

Why coyote trap-and-release programs don’t reduce predator concerns

The operators of Agriculture Canada’s Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa have discovered that if you’ve got a coyote problem in the middle of the city, live trapping won’t earn any brownie points with environmentalists — and it won’t get rid of the problem, either. Earlier this spring, staff at the farm hired a company “to […] Read more

Statistics may not show an increase in wolf attacks, but the province does want to mitigate wolf-livestock “conflicts” in Manitoba and is working on a predation management strategy.  |  File photo

Wolf control measures are working: biologist

A provincial biologist says the evidence doesn’t support the theory that Manitoba’s wolf population is growing and that attacks on cattle are more frequent. For five years, the provincial government has paid trappers $250 per wolf caught in Duck Mountain Provincial Park and other areas where the moose population is at risk. Hank Hristienko, a […] Read more

A coyote leaps to try and catch a rodent. Saskatchewan cattle producers say compensation for livestock killed by coyotes is inadequate.  |  Tom Koerner/USFWS/Flickr photo

Coyote costs not compensated

MOOSE JAW, Sask. — Dave and Deb Spooner say they are overrun with coyotes and aren’t being properly compensated for the calves that they’ve lost. The livestock producers from Qu’Appelle, Sask., said the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corp., which administers the province’s compensation program, doesn’t pay out on every animal found in similar circumstances and doesn’t […] Read more

Ranchers in southwestern Alberta are taking steps to protect their property while maintaining their respect for grizzly bears. | File photo

Shutting the door on bears

Keeping grizzlies at bay | Ranchers share methods that protect livestock and feed from predators

TWIN BUTTE, Alta. — Poplar fluff winked in the sunlight that dappled a burbling Yarrow Creek June 21 as ranchers in this corner of southwestern Alberta recounted far less peaceful scenes. Mac Main had to repair a metal grain bin and pour a concrete floor to prevent grizzly bears from gaining access. Helen Cyr suspected […] Read more