Farmers Edge’s partnership with the Weather Company is expected to provide producers with “hyper local forecasts” so they can make better field application decisions.  |  File photo

Partnership packs punch

If there were any doubts about the ambitions of Farmers Edge, they have now been erased. The Manitoba company, which specializes in precision agriculture and farm data management, has announced a partnership with one of the world’s iconic companies, IBM. Farmers Edge will partner with the Weather Company, an IBM business, to provide farmers with […] Read more

Rapideye NIR and NIR-red edge in-season views of a crop can be provide weekly.  |  Satshot photo

Satellite maps have come a long way

The farmer in Lanny Faleide knew there had to be better ways to understand the land and ways to market that type of information. It was the early 1990s, the dawn of precision agriculture. After the droughts of the late 1980s, farmers were taking a keener interest in their soils. Reductions in tillage, new approaches […] Read more

Jeff Bronsch checks an electronic panel at the centre point of an irrigation pivot in one of the Perry’s potato fields. Variable rate irrigation and fertigation are done using prescriptions Bronsch devises using field maps, soil moisture data and information on crop demands.  |  Barb Glen photo

Variable rate technology refined

Technology taken to next level | Project uses field data and prescribes fertilizer and water requirements in each zone

CHIN, Alta. — Jeff Bronsch knows polygons. Boy, does he know polygons. The president of Sunrise Ag, a farm production management business based in Taber, Alta., looks at thousands of shapes every day as he examines data in field maps. From two potato fields, he deciphers maps of electrical conductivity, soil moisture, topography, elevation, infiltration […] Read more

Solar Cycle 24 may cause havoc for GPS farm instruments

Solar Cycle 24 will focus its force on precision agriculture instruments across North America this year. Sunspots are on the rise. The peak of the last 11-year cycle of solar activity is happening now, bringing concerns about GPS reliability over the next couple years. Sunspots, also called solar flares, appear as dark spots on the […] Read more

On-farm trials help with decision making

Field-scale research | Farmers need to analyze data collected by soil and crop mapping

CALGARY — Precision farming techniques, with their ability to accurately measure inputs and outputs, can be a boon to on-farm research. Several speakers at the Feb. 22-23 Precision Ag 2.0 conference in Calgary pointed out the benefits of precision farming, and some farmers at the event have already embraced the technology. Josh Fankhauser, who farms […] Read more