Fababean fractionation planned for Alta.

Fababean growers in Western Canada will soon gain access to another domestic market for their crop. Faba Canada recently announced that it has acquired a milling facility near Legal, Alta., north of Edmonton. The facility will fractionate fababeans and produce a high-quality protein concentrate. The mill is the former Mountain Meadows Pea Butter facility. Brad […] Read more

Federal government officials say they are “fired up” about the opportunities presented by plant-based protein, but the industry says modernizing the regulatory system will be key to realizing those opportunities. | File photo

Plant protein sector asks feds for regulatory changes

If Canada wants to meet its goals and potential for being one of the globe’s plant protein powerhouses, it needs to fix its regulatory system. That was the message from Protein Industries Canada’s Bill Greuel during a session with International Trade Minister Mary Ng and Export Development Canada’s Peter Hall. “We do not have a […] Read more

Winnipeg is seeing the commissioning of a new canola protein extraction and processing plant, Merit Functional Foods, while a $600 million Roquette pea protein plant - pictured above - in Portage La Prairie, Man., has just gone into production. | Screencap via roquette.com

‘Magic’ of science unleashes the power of plant protein

The range of uses for plant protein components is just now being discovered as scientists unlock the field’s complexities

As food scientists break apart plant proteins, they see prodigious potential. “The use of enzymes in this field is limitless,” said John Thoroski, dairy plant manager for the University of Manitoba’s food and human nutritional sciences department, during a presentation. Thoroski and other University of Manitoba protein experts described how plant proteins are being unpacked […] Read more

Research shows that a burger made with two-thirds lean beef and one-third cooked lentils reduces calories by 12 percent, production costs by 27 percent and greenhouse gas emissions by 33 percent. | Source: Pulse Canada

New interest in pulses called a trend, not fad

Greg Cherewyk posed a question and then answered it during his recent presentation at the International Grains Council’s Grains Conference 2021. “Is all the interest we’re seeing in pulses fleeting?” said the president of Pulse Canada. “Are pulses just a fad or should they be considered a trend?” He noted that a fad is something […] Read more

At least 20 different brands had annual Canadian sales in excess of $3 million last year. | Reuters/Mike Blake photo

Plant-based protein booms

Canadian grocery buyers continue to gravitate toward processed vegetable protein products as the prices for “alternative meat” and “alternative dairy” products become more accessible relative to steak, chicken, pork and dairy. Sylvain Charlebois, a prominent food scientist and director of Dalhouise University’s Agri-Food Analytics Lab, said the value of Canada’s vegetable protein market continues to […] Read more

Farmers and food processors are going to have to get used to consumers wanting to know more about their production systems and processes. | File photo

Plant protein demand unshaken by COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic has broken, shaken and disrupted many things, but the galloping development of plant protein demand isn’t one of them. “One thing that’s stayed consistent is consumers’ obsession with protein,” Jo-Ann McArthur, a food markets expert who operates Nourish Food Marketing, said at the Manitoba Protein Summit. About 43 percent of Canadians say they’re […] Read more

Roquette Canada originally thought 30 percent of the peas for its new plant would come from Manitoba and the rest from Saskatchewan, but it now looks like Manitoba producers will supply 70 percent of the processor’s needs.  | File photo

Industry official touts Manitoba as ‘Silicon Valley of plant-based protein’

The head of the French company building a pea processor near Portage la Prairie says the province holds great potential but Canada’s regulatory regime needs an overhaul

The man tasked with opening the world’s largest pea protein facility says Manitoba “can be the Silicon Valley of plant-based proteins,” but regulatory changes are needed. Dominic Baumann, chief executive officer of Roquette Canada, made the declaration during a virtual event put on by the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute focusing on investment and sustainability in […] Read more

Beyond Meat burgers are showing up beyond food service and in the meat case grocery store.  |  Paul Yanko photo

Plant protein boom is no bubble: investor

A Regina firm that processes and markets plant-based meat substitutes has seen sales surge to $127 million in revenues

Like many market bubbles, investors are throwing themselves into the plant protein foods industry. However, a Canadian innovative foods investment fund thinks the plant protein craze isn’t a speculative flurry with little grounding in reality. “I see it as a standalone, beautiful disruption to big industry that’s good for people and the planet,” said Patrick […] Read more

The head of a large campus dining operation in the United States says there are now more plant-based products on its menu than chicken, seafood, pork and beef.  |  File photo

‘Future is unlimited’ for plant-based food

Today’s young people are described as adventurous and quality driven who tend to buy food they consider healthy and sustainable

Ken Toong has first-hand experience with the consumer of the future and says it bodes well for plant-based foods. Toong is executive director of Auxiliary Enterprises at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. It is the largest campus dining operation in the United States, serving 50,000 meals daily to 22,000 students on meal plans. The students […] Read more

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has said he is hopeful about the future of meat substitutes and acknowledged he has invested in some companies working on developing the products.
 | File photo

Powerful investors get behind alternative meat sector

It is not often that the mug shot of Microsoft founder Bill Gates appears in a presentation on agriculture. But that’s what happened during a recent Global Grain webinar about the narrowing of the protein gap in China. Jean-Yves Chow, vice-president of food and beverage with Mizuho Bank Ltd., one of Japan’s largest financial institutions, […] Read more