Science must decide pesticide debate

Manitoba conservation minister Gord Mackintosh indicated Sept. 24 that it was all but certain the government would implement a ban on urban pesticide use in the province. It appears as though he has made up his mind before the public consultation period is even over. Mackintosh seems to be speaking out of turn before Manitobans […] Read more

Sprayers urged to keep bees in mind

Hives at risk | With delayed seeding across parts of the Prairies, there are concerns more bees may be killed in the rush

Farmers need to think about beekeepers when applying insecticides, even when they can’t see a hive, says Gerry Moyen. Moyen, who operates Moyen Honey Farms in Zenon Park, Sask., and is a director of the Saskatchewan Beekeepers Association, made a disheartening discovery early last week. As many as 1,000 hives, totalling one-third of this year’s […] Read more

Pesticide ban position questioned

Charity defends stance | Canadian Cancer Society says some studies suggest pesticides increase risk

When the Manitoba government announced plans for a cosmetic pesticide ban in early February, it cited research done by several health organizations to justify its new policy on pesticides. One of them was the Canadian Cancer Society, which has spent thousands and possibly millions of donor dollars on anti-pesticide information and advocacy. Yet on its […] Read more

When bans become banes

Manitoba considers cosmetic pesticide ban | Producers say legislation will have unintended effects

The president of Manitoba’s Keystone Agricultural Producers is almost always calm, composed and collected when he discusses agricultural issues facing his province. But there was a hint of irritation in Doug Chorney’s voice last week when he answered questions about the Manitoba government’s plan to ban cosmetic pesticides in the province. In short, Chorney said […] Read more