Demand for oat products by the health conscious Chinese is soaring, but high import tariffs are hindering Canadian exports.  |  Reuters photo

Growing market in China gives Canadian oat sector hope

North American demand for feed oats is steadily falling. Chinese demand for food-grade oats is steadily rising. The question is whether Canada can access the market in China soon enough to prevent the final collapse of the oat empire on the Canadian Prairies. That’s something Oatinsight analyst Randy Strychar is pondering as he looks at […] Read more

Currency uncertainty could mean fall calf prices could vary between $179 - $350. | File photo

Beef’s upward trend seen slowing

RED DEER — The good times in the beef business have stalled. “We had a beautiful five year run in terms of our trends with in-creasing prices, but we have broken through that trend and we are definitely on a downward trending market,” said Brian Perrillat, senior market analyst with Canfax. Significant market volatility is […] Read more

Mustard production in Canada fell to 123,400 tonnes in 2015, according to Statistics Canada.  |  File photo

Mustard producers relish sweet prices

A small crop last year, strong demand and a weak Canadian dollar have helped make the crop more valuable this year

Mustard might be sharp tasting but its price has been sweet for Canadian farmers this year. And the outlook for 2016 continues favourable. “I think where new crop bids are now is going to be the floor in the market and we’ll see where it goes from there,” Chuck Penner of LeftField Commodity Research told […] Read more

Analysts offer their insights and reveal wild cards that could push grain and oilseed prices up or down. | Michelle Houlden illustration

Market factors farmers should know

Analysts offer their insights and reveal wild cards that could push grain and oilseed prices up or down

Grain markets are juggling a lot of balls this year. A variety of factors hang suspended with major implications whichever way they fall in the coming year. Few would spark an outright bull market, considering a preponderance of bearish factors. However, if those bears can be dodged, farmers might get to take advantage of rallies […] Read more

Eastern Indiana was hit with a deluge of rain during the week of June 22, as this flooded cornfield shows. It is not clear whether the excess rain will reduce overall U.S. corn production.  |  Darrin Pack/Purdue University photo

American crops difficult to gauge

Variable weather conditions mean crop quality in U.S. Midwest is all over the map

U.S. analysts are scratching their heads about the true state of American crops. Heavy rain has damaged but not destroyed crops across wide parts of the eastern corn belt and the winter wheat states. There has been too much rain, but not so much as to leave easy answers about how much the crop has […] Read more