Time to ’fess up: organics have GMOs

‘No such thing as zero’ | Expert says honest conversation needed with consumers about what organic means — and doesn’t

GUELPH, Ont. — Leaders in North America’s organic movement say it’s time to tell consumers that organic food does contain genetically modified organisms. Speaking at the Guelph Organic Conference in early February, Dag Falck, organic program manager with Nature’s Path, one of the largest manufacturers of organic breakfast cereals and snack bars in North America, […] Read more

World demand for organic crops rises, prices steadily climb

Higher prices for organic grain have returned after a lengthy hiatus, say industry officials. Demand for organic crops is building as the United States continues its recovery from a financial crisis that hurt the economy in 2008. “During the recession, you could actually buy organic grain cheaper than conventional,” said Leslie Johnson, marketing manager for […] Read more

Scientist raises concerns about GM crops and glyphosate

Future historians may well look back and write about our time …. about how willing we are to sacrifice our children and jeopardize future generations with this massive experiment that is based on false promises and flawed science just to benefit the “bottom line of a commercial enterprise,” said Don Huber, referring to the North […] Read more

Organic Alberta showcases diversity through field day

Organic Alberta recently invited its urban members and friends near Edmonton to share a diversity of agricultural experiences and broaden their understanding of what organic means in Alberta. It offers its Calgary members a similar experience in mid-August. Events for the first field day began with a tour of the grounds at the Multicultural Heritage […] Read more