At least 100 farming operations plan to open their gates to visitors, with more expected to register by the June 30 deadline. | Screencap via

Open Farm Days ready to go

Many events have been cancelled this summer because of COVID-19. Not Alberta’s Open Farm Days. Barring a second wave of the illness and restrictions it could cause, the event showcasing Alberta’s farms and agricultural industry will proceed on Aug. 15 and 16. At least 100 farming operations plan to open their gates to visitors, with […] Read more

Hundreds of people showed up at Perry Produce near Chin, Alta., Aug. 18 to pick freshly dug potatoes that were free for the asking. Chris Perry, one of the farm’s owners, said it was a chance for people to see how potatoes are grown and dug and establish a connection with their food. That idea is the focus of Alberta’s Open Farm Days, held Aug. 18-19 across the province.  |  Barb Glen photo

Urban meets rural at Open Farm Days

Attendance for the annual event in Alberta is expected to exceed last year’s 20,000 visitors; 117 farms participated

Alberta Open Farm Days participants in the Chin and Coaldale areas are dealing with a lot of potatoes this week. They were able to pick their own free spuds from a field owned by Perry Produce, one of 117 farms across the province that opened their doors in some fashion Aug. 18, Aug. 19 or […] Read more

Ninety-two farms and ranches participated in the event last year. | File photo

Open Farm Days ‘bigger and better’ for Canada’s 150th

Alberta’s Open Farm Days, which were held last Aug. 20-21, have been deemed a record-breaking success by the Alberta government. The event offers the general public an opportunity to visit participating farms and ranches. The province reported that last year’s event drew 18,000 visits to 92 farms and ranches. On-farm sales during the two days […] Read more

Jo-Anne Middleton of Midmore Farms shows visitors the different crops they grow on their organic farm. The visitors are James and Bonnie Braybrook and Inga Hirschfeld, of Edmonton. | Mary MacArthur photo

Open Farm Days

BARNWELL & ENCHANT, Alta. — Visitors chose a potato, washed a potato, sliced a potato, deep-fried a potato and ate the resulting french fries at CP Farms near Barnwell, Alta., during Alberta Open Farm Days held Aug. 23. Visitors embraced the chance to participate in the procedure at the 2,500-acre farm operation that produces potatoes, […] Read more