An isolating illness: talking about mental health

When Trewett Chaplin is stressed, he puts his head down and focuses on one task that he has to get done that day on his ranch. At 28 years old, Chaplin takes care of 550 head of cattle and 230 head of bison on his ranch near Craik, Sask. He farms by himself and is […] Read more

Feeling stressed? How to cope with the pressures of farming

There are numerous indicators showing that changes are happening in farm business management. Nothing too surprising about that. I experienced one recently when I had the opportunity to facilitate a peer group meeting. There were 12 people: some younger, others seasoned, representing eight farms. The change that I witnessed was the willingness of those at […] Read more

Suffering in silence

John Smith is a farmer in this fictional scenario. He prides himself on being the strong, silent type who provides for his family and minds his own business. But lately, John has been feeling blue. He is uncharacteristically anxious and lacks motivation to do his usual tasks. He yells at his wife and children over […] Read more