Slowing lentil exports raise questions about carryout

There is little doubt that 2016-17 lentil carryout will rise, but analysts disagree over how much it will increase or if it even matters. Agriculture Canada sees 425,000 tonnes of carryout at the end of the year, up from 73,000 tonnes last year. The February estimate is down substantially from the department’s January estimate of […] Read more

Lock in canola for best price

Farmers who want to achieve $500 per tonne canola for their 2017-18 crop should consider locking in prices before June, says the publisher of Oil World magazine. A short-term squeeze on global oilseed stocks will probably begin disappearing by early summer. Supply should grow through the rest of 2017 leading to a surplus in 2018, […] Read more

Fabas may not be worth hill of beans

Fababean growers should not expect to sell much of their crop into export markets this year, say analysts. Egypt is by far the largest importer of the crop. Buyers in that country are having a difficult time getting letters of credit due to Egypt’s economic woes, said Marlene Boersch, managing partner with Mercantile Consulting Venture. […] Read more

Barley price may be as good as it gets

Even near-drought conditions haven’t given the feed barley market a rally, and farmers are having trouble moving the last of their 2015-16 crop. However, marketers warn that bearish factors are looming in the future, so farmers shouldn’t assume a rally is inevitable. “With the lack of rain, guys just aren’t willing to pull the trigger […] Read more