Fatigued animals a concern for producers

Muscle trauma, fatigue can cause animals to be unable to stand or walk after transport to slaughter plants

MANHATTAN, Kan. — The livestock industry is starting to pay more attention to the issue of fatigued animals arriving at slaughter plants. “Mobility of cattle at slaughter facilities has gained a lot of focus over the last few years,” said Jacob Hagenmaier, a veterinarian and PhD candidate at Kansas State University. Some have suggested over-use […] Read more

Experts debate theories behind cow’s unusual behaviour

Sascha-Kate Marskell believes nitrate poisoning was the reason one of her cows went temporarily crazy and attacked her without provocation several years ago, inflicting injuries that still bother her. Soil tests from the pasture where that cow and some of the other late calvers were held showed nitrate levels of up to .09 percent, which […] Read more

Producer recalls day gentle cow attacked

“On this day I had no exit strategy because I didn’t think anything would happen,” says Sascha-Kate Marskell

It was the kind of day that cow-calf producers love: late spring and sunny, near the end of calving season. Newborn calves frolicked in the pasture, their dams keeping watch and chewing their cuds. The bright green of new spring grass was evident around the bale feeders and in many of the pasture’s sunny spots. […] Read more