Tiny insects, big problems

Fleas: 1 Control: 0 | Flea beetles developed 
a tolerance to the latest pesticides in just 
 seven years. How did that happen and what does 
it mean for crops?

Pest management experts have determined that neonicotinoid seed treatments are becoming less effective against flea beetles. As a result, new chemistries and approaches will soon be needed to control flea beetles in Western Canada, said Bob Elliott, an Agriculture Canada entomologist. “We have certainly seen weaknesses in our current registered products,” said Elliott from his […] Read more

Organic activists help mosquitoes thrive

If you live in the tropics, malaria can still take your life the way it always has: painfully over the course of a few days, or within hours if you’re lucky. In northern climes, West Nile virus can likewise knock you out in a matter of days if you’re young or elderly. But don’t bother […] Read more

Rancher uses garlic to keep flies at bay

LA BROQUERIE, Man. — Have you heard the one about the farmer who fed his cattle garlic to ward off not vampires, but flies? Since 2010 Richard Carr, a cattle producer east of Steinbach, Man., has added garlic powder to his mineral to keep flies off his cattle in the summer. Over the last three […] Read more

Peace region canola survey finds no cabbage seedpod

Bugsters searching for the destructive cabbage seedpod weevil in the Peace River region couldn’t find any in the sampled fields. Jennifer Otani, entomologist with Agriculture Canada, said they are confident the weevil hasn’t moved north to the Peace region. The Peace canola survey has been conducted annually since the pest moved into southern Alberta in […] Read more

Scientists genetically modify insect

A British company has pioneered a way to create a sterile male diamondback moth that it hopes will reduce the destruction caused by the harmful pest. Oxitec scientists have genetically modified the diamondback moth to create sterile male insects that mate with wild females of the same species. The genetic modification prevents females in the […] Read more