Under B.C.’s Agriculture Land Commission’s new performance standards, the application fee is fully refunded if a decision is not received within 90 business days.  |  File photo

B.C. land commission clears backlog, hikes fees

An increase in staffing to handle applications and improve response time also came with a new fee schedule

SUMMERLAND, B.C. — British Columbia’s Agriculture Land Commission says it has eliminated its application backlog and greatly improved response times, thanks in part to a $1.1 million budget boost. The announcement from the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture said the commission eliminated a backlog of 185 applications during the last year. It was also able to […] Read more

Cattle producers using federal community pastures in Saskatchewan want to delay the transfer of the first 10 from government to users. |  File photo

ABP calls for funding changes

Alberta Beef Producers | Group wants return of non-refundable checkoff

Alberta Beef Producers want to reinstate the non-refundable $3 checkoff. The organization collects $3 per head sold in the province and sets aside $1 for Canada Beef Inc. and the Beef Cattle Research Council. That portion is not refunded. Provincial legislation passed two years ago requires that all levies collected on agriculture products be refundable […] Read more

B.C. allots research funds for land reclamation

When oil and gas companies create well sites and build pipelines, the effect on the agricultural landscape isn’t pretty. Topsoil is scraped off, sites are levelled and reclamation efforts are often poor. Funding of $177,550 from the federal government, announced July 31 through B.C.’s Investment Agriculture Foundation (IAF), will be used to explore grass seed […] Read more

Ag projects get $2.1 million from provincial, federal gov’ts

Investment Agriculture Foundation of British Columbia to fund projects ranging from livestock to fruit

About 25 agricultural projects in British Columbia will share $2.1 million in provincial and federal government funding this year in amounts announced July 30 by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of British Columbia. The non-profit foundation administers funding for projects deemed worthy by people in poultry, livestock, dairy, tree fruit, berry, grain, oilseed, forage, vegetable and […] Read more

Ontario ag minister delivers straight goods on ag supports

Open discussion Ted McMeekin earns praise from Canadian Federation of Agriculture for transparency on farm cuts

TORONTO — Ontario agriculture minister Ted McMeekin became an instant favourite among Canadian Federation of Agriculture leaders when he became the first minister to candidly discuss impending farm support cuts. He told the summer meeting of CFA directors, including provincial presidents and national executive, that the federal and provincial ministers’ September meeting in Whitehorse appears […] Read more

RFID program deadline March 1

March 1 is the deadline for Alberta lamb producers to apply for funding through the Sheep RFID Technology Assistance Program. Producers who want to use radio identification technologies in their flocks can be reimbursed for 70 percent of costs of eligible hand-held readers, RFID software and training costs, to a maximum of $5,000 per sheep […] Read more

CIGI plans funding after CWB

VAUXHALL, Alberta. — The Canadian International Grains Institute is proceeding into its 40th anniversary year without its largest partner. As of April 1, the Canadian Wheat Board will no longer be funding the market development work undertaken by CIGI, which means the institute must develop its own plans. Rex Newkirk, director of research and business […] Read more