Food fundamentalism: is food the new religion?

Science becomes a less effective way to defend agricultural practices as food beliefs begin 
to border on ideology

It’s Thanksgiving, the time of year when Canadian farmers gather with family to celebrate the bounty of the harvest and then argue with urban relatives who believe that modern agriculture, with its genetically modified food and factory farms, is the embodiment of evil. The debates over food production can go on for hours as rural […] Read more

Scary news can come from sketchy sources

Food reporting can be tough. The safety of food is very important in our society, and that can be exploited. In all but a small number of communities across North America, tap water is safe to drink. Even so, we bought $2.49 billion in bottled water last year in Canada, nearly all of that in […] Read more

Recalled flour products focus of lawsuit

An Alberta law firm has launched a class action lawsuit against Smucker Foods of Canada Corp. following the nationwide food safety recall that involved Robin Hood all-purpose flour milled in Saskatoon. James H. Brown and Associates of Edmonton filed a statement of claim on March 31 against Smucker Foods of Canada Corp. Claimants are seeking […] Read more

The upside to climate change

Prairie farmers are going to have to adapt to climate change because they are going to face more of it than most of the rest of the world. However, they should also look at the coming rise in temperatures as an opportunity to play a more vital role in feeding the world of 2050, says […] Read more

VIDEO: Building a better bagel

Sometimes the most innovative creation is something that seems exactly like something else, but is actually profoundly different. Such are the regular-looking and good-tasting bagels being eaten at the Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals. They look like regular wheat bagels. They taste like regular wheat bagels. But the human lab rats consuming the […] Read more

The hungry planet

The world’s population is expected to surge to nearly 10 billion people by 2050. How will farmers manage to feed everyone?

The premise of this year-end edition is that increasingly sophisticated science and technology will be applied to agricultural production in the coming years. This development will be driven in part by humanity’s natural inclination to improve and evolve — to get bigger and better. However, another driver will be the inescapable reality that the world’s […] Read more

New food centre aims to build consumer trust

Public opinion polls can be misleading, but it’s hard to ignore a survey that produces the same result year after year. For instance, a majority of Canadians consistently say they are worried about hormones in food. “We’ve known since 2006 that almost two-thirds of Canadians have concerns about hormones in their food. That’s not just […] Read more

MP asks ag committee to undertake food cost study

Rising food costs, particularly for fruits and vegetables, prompted Quebec NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau last week to ask for a study about the causes and possible solutions. She is a member of the standing committee on agriculture, and asked the committee to undertake the study. She said the members should consult with producers, distributors, […] Read more

Buy Canadian food and save money

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture has calculated that the average Canadian had earned enough income by Feb. 9 to pay for their grocery bill for the entire year. This is known as Food Freedom Day. Canadians were expected to have spent 11 percent of their disposable income on food last year, compared to 10.4 percent […] Read more