Canadian food prices among world’s lowest

It took the first 39 days of 2017 to reach Food Freedom Day in Canada, according to the Canadian Federation of Agriculture. The organization annually calculates the date by which Canadians will have earned enough income, on average, to pay their grocery bill for the full year. It came Feb. 8, a day earlier than […] Read more

MP asks ag committee to undertake food cost study

Rising food costs, particularly for fruits and vegetables, prompted Quebec NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau last week to ask for a study about the causes and possible solutions. She is a member of the standing committee on agriculture, and asked the committee to undertake the study. She said the members should consult with producers, distributors, […] Read more

Compare costs by portion size

Calories vs. portions | Healthy eating’s higher price tag based on faulty logic: researchers

Grocery shoppers across Canada are frequently appalled by the cost of raspberries, asparagus, nectarines and other items in the produce section, but a United States Department of Agriculture economist has determined that fruits and vegetables aren’t more expensive than less healthy food, such as potato chips. Andrea Carlson, a food economist with the USDA Economic […] Read more