The argument is made that a national food policy shouldn’t stop at the border. Instead, it should recognize agriculture around the world, such as this Egyptian farmer pulling a cart filled with bundles of wheat after harvesting it from a field last month.  |  REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany photo

Canada needs a global food policy

The Canadian government plans to soon release a new national food policy. The engagement has encouraged a welcome debate among many departments, and it speaks to the growing understanding in policy circles that food security rests on a series of interlocking systems that are not easy to co-ordinate, but whose interdependence can no longer be […] Read more

Talk is cheap, inaction often expensive

Somewhere along the line, the lazy dog days of August turned loud and bitter. Three years ago, August was consumed by what was to be a debate on American national health care but quickly turned into a shouting match that found Grandma standing before  government-led “death panels.” The noise lessened that winter and the Affordable […] Read more