Proposed labelling has dairy group seeing red

Dairy Farmers of Canada has grave concerns about a Health Canada initiative to flag certain foods as being unhealthy. The government is proposing to use front-of-package labelling to help consumers avoid foods high in salt, sugar or saturated fat. The regulation under development is part of federal Health Minister Jane Philpott’s Healthy Eating Strategy launched […] Read more

Hazard, risk study helps combat food fear

Should genetically modified products be labelled? Is organic healthier? Does glyphosate cause cancer? Do you put your kids at risk if you feed them meat or is the cave-man diet the way to go? All of these questions, and a few conspiracy theories, flood Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools. Celebrities are using “food […] Read more

GM labelling law will not require info on label

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Food companies in the United States are getting out ahead of a pending national mandatory labelling law for genetically modified food. Campbell Soup Co. was one of the first major food companies to break ranks and come out in support of mandatory labelling. It started printing labels on its own products […] Read more

COOL back from the dead after election

A trade issue that bedevilled Canadian livestock producers for much of a decade may be making a comeback. CNN reported last week that a memo from U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team suggests making mandatory country-of-origin labelling a trade focus for the new administration, along with renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement. COOL is estimated […] Read more

Group wants Quebec to lead on GM labelling

Organization is pushing for mandatory GM labelling and hopes the rest of Canada will follow the leader

A Quebec group opposed to genetic modification wants the province to follow in the footsteps of its neighbour to the south. Vigilance OGM has launched a campaign for a mandatory labellling law similar to the one that will go into effect in Vermont on July 1, 2016. Vermont is the first jurisdiction in North America […] Read more

Allergen labels allow some peace of mind

Canada is not a world leader on food labelling, but it’s close. Many parents and school board bureaucrats across the country probably expressed a sigh of relief when Canada’s new food allergen labelling regulations, ann-ounced in February 2011, came into force Aug. 4. The Canadian food industry was given 18 months to implement the new […] Read more

Food makers need to take labels seriously

Food manufacturers aren’t necessarily trying to dupe consumers when the nutritional information accompanying a food product doesn’t match the actual contents of the package. A number of factors can create that gap, but it behooves manufacturers to provide due diligence and ensure accuracy, says Anne Kennedy of Agriculture Canada’s food regulatory issues division. “It doesn’t […] Read more