The asset tracking devices offered by Rivercity Innovations are now available in LoRa-based technology. The company also offers a more encompassing IOT based monitoring system including environmental sensors. |  Rivercity Innovations photo

Security device now uses LoRa technology

Rivercity Innovations expanded its products and services with the help of LoRa technology. LoRa is a proprietary, low-power wide-area network modulation technique that’s used to communicate with internet of things (IOT) devices, especially in remote areas with poor cellular service. Rivercity Innovations first brought a product called BeeSecure to the market in 2018, which was […] Read more

Self-defence or the defence of property is not a right in the same way that many of us think.  |  File photo

Rural landowners walk fine line when defending their property

Citizens do not have a duty to retreat when being victimized by property crime or violence, but they should avoid the confrontation if they can, according to defence lawyer Don Smith. “You are not going to be dealing with the best and the brightest of people,” Smith said during a presentation at Agri-Visions in Lloydminster. […] Read more

Manitoba, Saskatchewan see increase in crime

Crime in the prairie provinces has risen since the crime severity index (CSI) was established in 2006, even though Canada as a whole has seen a significant reduction in crime during the same period. The CSI was developed to address the limitation of the police-reported crime rate that is largely driven by high-volume but less […] Read more

Glen Jacques, senior crown prosecutor in North Battleford, Sask., said police generally prefer that property owners wait for officers to deal with the situation. | Robin Booker photo

Crown prosecutor highlights perils of citizen’s arrest

When RCMP respond to a complaint of crime in a rural area, the suspects are usually long gone by the time the police arrive. So if property owners happen across a robbery in progress in a rural area, what should they do while waiting for police to arrive? Glen Jacques, senior crown prosecutor in North […] Read more

Cameras on acreages or large farmyards can be linked to a smart phone or computer, allowing homeowners to detect trespassers without confrontation.  |  Getty photo

Consider farm security to keep crime in check

Farmers and rural residents, at least in Saskatchewan, are sick of crime and criminals. Break-ins, vandalism and personal protection dominated the conversation at this year’s annual meeting of the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities, as councillors and reeves debated more than 10 resolutions on the topic. Chris Sobchuk, ag division manager for Allen Leigh Security […] Read more

Stop, thief!

Stop, thief!

Crime is up in municipalities across the Prairies. In central Saskatchewan, property crime rates have jumped 18 percent over the past six years, according to the RCMP. Meanwhile, the population in many rural areas is declining, meaning there are fewer eyes around to keep thieves in check.

Saskatchewan RCMP has “redeployed” to address the increase of rural crime, but it has also admitted that it lacks the resources to stem the rising crime trend. Under the provincial police service agreement, the budget translates into about 920 policing positions for all of rural Saskatchewan. During the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities convention this […] Read more

Property crimes common in Western Canada

Property crimes common in Western Canada

Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia had higher rural crime rates than any other province in 2013, according to data from Statistics Canada. Based on the number of violent and non-violent criminal code convictions recorded in 2013, Saskatchewan led all provinces in rural crimes with 13,080 criminal convictions for every 100,000 rural residents. Manitoba was […] Read more