The North Dakota Wheat Commission, in an August crop progress report, said durum wheat is suffering in the state. | File photo

U.S. durum yields well below last year’s levels

Dustin Johnsrud, who farms near Williston, North Dakota, started harvesting his durum crop in mid August. As of Aug. 18, his earliest-seeded durum was performing better than anticipated, at 20 to 25 bushels per acre. But he’s assuming the rest of the crop won’t do as well. “The later seeded stuff… I’m thinking 10 to […] Read more

The financial repercussions of Italy’s labelling proposal on the Canadian durum industry could be significant.  |  File photo

Durum industry awaits ruling on Italian pasta labels

Officials representing the Canadian durum industry have returned from Europe where they met with European millers, pasta makers and trade groups to express concerns over an Italian plan to introduce country-of-origin labels on pasta products sold in Italy. Italy is often the top export destination for Canadian durum. Cereals Canada president Cam Dahl said meetings […] Read more

High vomitoxin durum is finding a market as the spring harvest provides crop to blend with.  |  File photo

Spring harvest creates blending opportunity

Selling durum with high mycotoxin levels is neither the most pleasurable marketing exercise for Saskatchewan grain growers, nor the most profitable. However, with spring seeding underway, it’s a good feeling nonetheless to get bins cleaned out and to find a home for high-vomitoxin grain that’s using up valuable storage space. Jason Skinner, manager of North […] Read more

Overseas buyers were pleased to learn that Canada has milling quality durum available, even with the weather problems during summer and at harvest.  |  File photo

Adequate supply of milling durum reassures buyers, but limits price

The good side of a flaccid market is that buyers won’t shy away from trying to buy Canadian durum this winter, says a member of Canada’s New Crop Missions. Whatever happens to prices, the buyers aren’t going to bail on Canada. “There is still some good production available,” Lane Stockbrugger, a farmer from Englefeld, Sask., […] Read more

Blake Nelson of Webb, Sask., dumps his tandum load of durum at Southwest Terminal near Gull Lake, Sask. Prices for the crop aren’t expected to get any better as the year progresses. | William DeKay photo

New crop durum prices likely to fall

Durum is fetching a healthy premium over spring wheat, but the premium is about to narrow, according to two experts. “Don’t store your durum into the new crop year because you’re going to get a lower price once we get into new crop,” said Jerry Klassen, manager of the Canadian office of Swiss-based GAP SA […] Read more

Some analysts worry early crop year sales lost to the U.S. won’t be recovered later.  |  File photo

California beats Canada on durum

Do not expect a durum price rally anytime soon, say analysts. “The prices are under pressure, and it looks like they’ll continue to be under pressure,” said Neil Townsend, director of G3 market research. He has noticed a disturbing early-season marketing trend: Canada has shipped 455,400 tonnes of durum through week 10 of the 2015-16 […] Read more

Fusarium and fungal disease damage is above normal and frost may cause further damage.  |  File photo

Wet weather drags down global durum production

Fusarium also an issue | Rain caused downgrading in much of the European Union and also plagues North American crops

There are smaller durum crops in many production regions of the world, but this year the story is all about quality, says Bruce Burnett of the CWB. “The production in Europe is poor quality virtually in every country there,” said the CWB’s weather and crop specialist. Harvest rains caused considerable downgrading of durum in the […] Read more

Durum exports in the first eight months of the crop year totalled 3.04 million tonnes. | File photo

Durum price heats up as seaway waters thaw

Durum has recaptured its traditional premium over spring wheat and that relationship will likely remain intact until winter, says an analyst. The crop was selling at about a $15 per tonne discount to spring wheat one month ago. Last week it was fetching a $20 per tonne premium. “The spread has moved fairly dramatically,” said […] Read more

Moroccan millers Abdeslam Acharki, left, and Yahya Moussa take part in sensory testing of couscous at the Canadian International Grains Institute.  |  Ed White photo

Grain institute trains Moroccan milling experts

Build exports | CIGI will provide technical information and technology to help Morocco improve durum quality

WINNIPEG — Milling experts from Morocco and Canada are swapping knowledge, hoping to boost both countries’ durum-based industries. “The sector in Morocco is experiencing a big boom and so the industry is always looking for training and technology,” said Abdeslam Acharki, who works with a durum and wheat importing organization in Morocco. “We want to […] Read more

Corn, canola and soybeans are squeezing out durum acres. | File photo

Durum falls to competition

The 2013 U.S. durum crop will be much smaller than last year’s, according to government estimates and comments from industry officials. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is forecasting 1.75 million acres, down 18 percent from last year. Douglas Opland, president of the U.S. Durum Growers Association, thinks it could be smaller than that based on […] Read more