The world's largest retailer applied for six patents last year on drones that aim to prevent damage to crops, control pest attacks on farms and cross-pollinate plants, according to U.S. Patents and Trademark Office documents that were made public last week and seen by Reuters. | File photo

Walmart patents hint at a drone future for ag

One application would use drones to identify pests and dispense insecticides, while another features pollen dispensers

NEW YORK/CHICAGO (Reuters) — Walmart Inc.’s patent filings hint that it may see a future where farmers use its drones to not only spot crop problems but selectively apply chemicals or even disperse pollen to bring shoppers the freshest and cheapest food possible. The world’s largest retailer applied for six patents last year on drones […] Read more

Sentera’s NDVI camera is designed to provide live field images that the agrologist or farmer can use immediately.  |  Sentera photo

Sentera links processor with sensor for live NDVI

The Double 4K sensor-processor combination on Sentera drones has its own camera design to provide more accurate images

Coupling a computer to RGB and NIR sensors in a drone provides true NDVI data on-the-fly over a field without translation back at the office. However, if that’s such a smart idea, why wasn’t it done before? Sentera of Minnesota unveiled its revolutionary Double 4K sensor and processer at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las […] Read more

Matt Reimer's tractor and grain cart follow him everywhere he wants them to, including to the combine to pick up grain in the field.  |  Matt Reimer photo

Robot tractor handles heat of harvest

Manitoba farmer says driverless drone pulls grain cart to where it’s needed while combines keep on rolling

A driverless tractor and grain cart travel across a Manitoba field, pull up beside a rolling combine where farmer Matt Reimer unloads his grain on-the-go. Reimer presses a key on his laptop and the tractor pulls to the left and stops, waiting to be called again. “This will save us about $5,000 in labour this […] Read more