Will pulses fuel shift in food choices?

The food we enjoy eating most is often the food that was prepared for us by our parents. As we grow older, we learn about new food from our friends and their families. Our food experience continues to evolve as we become responsible for making dietary choices for ourselves and our own families. However, somewhere […] Read more

Healthier bodies needed to accompany longer life span

Aging populations can be a drain on health care if they have a poor diet and lifestyle that leads to obesity and disease

The gap between a healthy life and a long life is widening, says a Japanese researcher. “This is a problem,” said Dr. Kunihiro Kitano, chief co-ordinator for the Northern Advancement Centre for regional innovation strategy in Sapporo, Japan. “This study shows that we are just making unhappy people live longer.” Wilf Keller, president of Ag-West […] Read more