Loonie rise saps export income

Vancouver — Canadian farmers are in jeopardy of losing the currency buffer that has partially shielded them from slumping commodity prices, says an economist. Like most international currencies, the Canadian dollar has been weakening versus the U.S. dollar in recent years. That has resulted in better returns for exporters of Canadian products because most trade […] Read more

Analysts see continuing weakness ahead for loonie

Some currency experts believe the loonie will drop significantly this year, helping buffer Canadian farmers against lacklustre commodity prices. Ken Courtis, chair of Starfort Investment Holdings and a member of federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth, said U.S. President Donald Trump’s economic stimulus program will strengthen the U.S. dollar and drive […] Read more

Loonie pullback supports canola crush and exports

The prices of Canadian agricultural products are supported this week by the falling loonie. It peaked at almost US80 cents last week but as of May 9 had dipped below 77 cents. Reviving worries about the slower pace of China’s economy has put the brakes on the commodity rally this year that had lifted the […] Read more

Figuring out where loonie is going

With a changing of the guard at the Bank of Canada, it is worth examining the outlooks for Canada’s currency and interest rates. Private analyst Prairie Crop Chart recently did a technical consideration of the loonie’s relationship to the U.S. dollar. It noted that the medium term upward trend of the Canadian dollar has stopped […] Read more

Dollar key factor in livestock trends

Loonie gains value | Strong buck cuts industry profits

Manitoba’s beef cow and pig herds have risen and fallen with the value of the Canadian dollar. The two industries have shown a remarkable similarity in the shape of their expansion and contraction, regardless of different market cycles, disease crises and border issues since the 1980s. Manitoba Agriculture livestock industry analyst Marni Donetz said the […] Read more

My two cents on eliminating the penny

In a post-budget discussion last week, Western Producer Farm Living editor Karen Morrison sent me back in time on a cloud of nostalgia. All she did was note that when we were young, you could stick a penny in a gumball machine and chew on the bounty for as long as the flavour lasted. It […] Read more