Overall, 39 percent of the harvest has been completed for the week ended Sept. 23, for a gain of 16 points from the previous week. However, combining operations remain well behind the fiver-year average of 62 percent complete. | File photo

Saskatchewan farmers make some progress

WINNIPEG (MarketsFarm) – Thanks to warm and dry weather farmers in Saskatchewan were able to make headway into this year’s harvest, according to the province’s latest crop report released Thursday. Overall, 39 percent of the harvest has been completed for the week ended Sept. 23, for a gain of 16 points from the previous week. […] Read more

Farmers in Saskatchewan are starting to make some headway seeding this year's crop. | Twitter/@lesleyraekelly photo

Saskatchewan seeding nine per cent complete: report

Winnipeg (CNS Canada) – Farmers in Saskatchewan are starting to make some headway seeding this year’s crop, but a slow start meant that field operations are still delayed across much of the province, according to the latest crop report from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture. Nine per cent of intended acres were seeded as of […] Read more

Crop report – October 26, 2017

Manitoba SOUTHWEST Harvest progress has spring wheat and canola complete, flax and soybeans are 80 percent complete, grain corn harvesting has just started and sunflower harvest has not yet begun. Winter wheat established well and is responding favourably to recent good weather conditions. Most areas have adequate livestock feed with good quality. NORTHWEST Harvest is […] Read more

Crop report – October 19, 2017

Manitoba SOUTHWEST Precipitation varied but reached as much as 22 millimetres in some areas, along with several evenings of frost, which helped dry late-season crops. Cereal harvest is complete except some late-seeded wheat and oats, canola is 80 percent complete, soybean 70 percent and harvest of sunflower and corn has begun. NORTHWEST Rainfall ranged from […] Read more

Two combines work a field late in the evening near Western Feedlots west of High River, Alta.
|  Mike Sturk photo

Crop report – October 12, 2017

Manitoba SOUTHWEST There was good harvest progress in spite of precipitation, which varied from 10 to 75 millimetres along with hail. Spring cereal harvest is almost complete, canola is about 77 percent complete and flax and soybeans have started. Winter wheat and fall rye seeding is complete with most fields in the two to three […] Read more

Crop report

Manitoba SOUTHWEST Precipitation varied from 13 to 75 millimetres with cool temperatures, which delayed harvest activities. Harvest of spring cereals is almost complete, while canola is about 65 percent complete, and corn silage has started. NORTHWEST Rainfall ranged from 10 to 65 mm with hard frosts in the northern areas. Harvest is generally complete for […] Read more

Crop report – September 21, 2017

Manitoba SOUTHWEST Temperatures were normal to above normal with little to no precipitation, and post-harvest herbicide is on hold until rains stimulate weed growth. Harvest of field peas is completed, spring cereals are almost complete, canola is about half complete, corn silage harvesting has begun, second cut alfalfa is completed and green feed silage continues. […] Read more

Crop Report

Manitoba SOUTHWEST Precipitation varied up to 20 millimetres. Spring cereal harvest is 50 to 60 percent complete, and about 23 percent of canola is complete. Second cut hay is mostly complete, and slough hay is also being cut. NORTHWEST Rainfall ranged from 15 to 40 mm, while high winds were reported in some areas. Harvest […] Read more

Crop report – September 7, 2017

Manitoba SOUTHWEST Little to no rain along with heat favoured harvest activities. Harvest of winter wheat and fall rye is complete, while it continues for spring wheat, barley, oats, canola, peas, second-cut alfalfa and green feed silage. Insect and disease levels generally remain low. NORTHWEST Most of the region remains hot and dry, but some […] Read more

Crop report – August 31, 2017

Manitoba SOUTHWEST Rainfall ranged from about three to 20 millimetres with above normal temperatures. Harvest is wrapping up for winter wheat and peas and just beginning for spring wheat and cereal silage, while canola is being swathed and prepared for straight cutting but is not quite ready for combining. Pastures continue to rebound but fields […] Read more