Phosphorus concerns force conservation focus

It’s well known that the world is running out of phosphorus. Geologists and scientists argue about when it will happen, possibly 100, 200 or 600 years from now, but most accept that the Earth has a limited supply of phosphate rock. Considering how phosphorus is a critical nutrient for plant growth, it’s surprising how little […] Read more

Farming isn’t rocket science, or is it?

Farming isn’t rocket science. It’s much more difficult than that. Understanding the complex workings of soil and plant requires time, effort and an understanding that conditions are constantly changing. Senior adviser Tim Eyrich of Agri-Trend put it this way at a March 2 regional meeting in Lethbridge. “What we do is harder than rocket science. […] Read more

No-till gets credit for boosting sulfur in soil

Half of sulfur remains in the straw in the field after harvest and returns to the soil as the residue breaks down

No-till production methods have boosted soil organic carbon levels and increased the soil’s nutrient supplying capacity, including its ability to supply sulfur to prairie crops. University of Saskatchewan soil scientist Jeff Schoenau said during a presentation at a recent farm show in Saskatoon that only about half of sulfur used by the crop is removed […] Read more

Will algae become the next big thing in fertilizer?

Nitrogen from algae | On a farm in New Mexico, algae are fed and cared for like livestock

MORIARTY, N.M. — The next source of fertilizer might be growing in a tank in New Mexico. All it takes is low-cost plant food, water and sunlight. Researcher and entrepreneur Calvin Hildebrand is rolling the dice on a natural source of nitrogen fertilizer from algae. He’s conducting his work on old Route 66, in the […] Read more