Beef sector looks at how to satisfy shoppers

While social media implies consumers demand hormone and antibiotic-free meat, some meat buyers say it’s not an issue — yet

CALGARY — The rows of steaks, roasts and hamburger in the grocery store meat case are near the end of the beef food chain. But what does that final link, the consumer, want from the array? They want it free of added hormones, for one thing, says former Costco merchandising manager Claude Gravel. “Hormone-free beef, […] Read more

Dannon switches to non-GM

A food manufacturer’s pledge to make yogurt with non-genetically modified ingredients has raised the ire of U.S. farm groups and the eyebrows of a Canadian grain industry executive. Dannon is transforming its Danimals, Oikos and Dannon brands of yogurt to contain no GM ingredients. Those three brands account for half of the company’s sales. Cows […] Read more

Trust issues: consumers more apt to trust opinions of friends, family over scientists

Barb Glen reports from the farm & food care conference in Ottawa about public opinion and agricultural policy OTTAWA — Amid concerns about pesticide, antibiotic and hormone residues in food, there’s one additive the public embraces: adjectives. Organic, new season, free range, environmentally friendly, heritage — all these descriptors are used on food products to […] Read more

Food fads: what will be next?

The gluten-free diet was all the rage, but as consumer interest wanes, food makers brace for the next craze

The gluten-free fad is fading, but bakers and millers must keep their eyes peeled for the next trend, says Canada Bread’s Connie Morrison. Even if fads fade, new ones arise and breadmakers need to be ready with products to meet consumer demands. “Consumers are fickle. Consumers don’t necessarily listen to science. It’s anybody’s guess what’s […] Read more