Unease growing in EU over CETA cheese clause

Canada’s dairy farmers say they have no comment on reports of a spat brewing over cheese allocations under the incoming trade agreement with the European Union. Most measures under the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement are expected to take effect July 1. The agreement will allow an additional 16,000 tonnes of high-quality cheese and 1,700 […] Read more

What’s in a name?

Non-genetically modified certified cheese will be available for sale at Canadian grocery stores sometime in 2017. But the company behind the new product wants to make something clear: It won’t be selling non-GM cheese. It’s more complicated. The company will be using milk from cows fed non-GM grains and oilseeds to make its non-GM verified […] Read more

Manitoba cheese company to tap into GMO-free market

For consumers who want it, cheese produced from the milk of cows fed non-genetically-modified feed will soon be available at grocery stores in Canada. On Tuesday, Bothwell Cheese announced plans to produce and sell this new cheese in 2017. The company, based in the southeastern Manitoba town of New Bothwell, said it would soon launch […] Read more

The art of cheese

Olga Payne didn’t make a special batch of cheese to enter in the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. The manager of Tiras Dairies simply pulled the cheese out of the cooler shelf and sent it to Toronto for the competition. The Camrose cheese maker won first place in a hard cheese category with her saganaki, second […] Read more

Chef makes gouda special of the day

Glasgow Glen Farms produces 16 flavours of cheese

NEW GLASGOW, P.E.I. — When Jeff McCourt wanted to buy a popular gouda cheese business in his home province of Prince Edward Island, he needed financing. He decided to sell cheese futures. Now those who bought those futures at $1,000 each receive their returns in cheese — six kilograms of artisanal gouda delivered twice a […] Read more

Cheese makers eager to expand product line

LANG, Sask. — Two-year-old Blythe Waddell-Holtom easily handles the livestock on her family’s farm. She carts a squirming Nigerian Dwarf goat kid around until it slides down and kicks out of her grasp, scampering off to join some others. It’s the kind of thing that could occupy a toddler for a while. But the goats […] Read more