Canadian beef exports to EU in limbo over E. coli dispute

A proposed CETA trade deal won’t benefit the cattle industry if requirements relating to food safety are not resolved

If differences of opinion over food safety practices are not resolved, the big promises of a new European market for Canadian beef may be a pipe dream. The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement is close to being signed but issues over carcass washes to remove bacteria like E. coli are points of contention behind the […] Read more

Brexit casts cloud over Canada-EU trade deal

In the short term, the Brexit means Canada-U.K. and Canada-EU trade could be disrupted by currency volatility. In the long run, it’s hard to say what will happen, but free trade with Europe now seems much less likely than it did two days ago. Those are some of the quick conclusions of Sylvain Charlebois, the […] Read more

Bison seen as biggest benefactor

Canadian producers came to understand the folly of overdependence on one market when BSE was discovered in Canada in 2003 and the United States closed its borders to cattle and beef. That message was further solidified when the U.S. imposed country-of-origin labelling, which again reduced marketing opportunities across the border. The portions of COOL that […] Read more