Canada’s blunt objections to U.S. tariffs leave dairy questions

Canada and the United States are on the precipice of an international trade war and this country’s dairy industry is being pushed closer and closer to the edge. Trump and his staff launched a blistering, personal attack against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this weekend after he left the G7 meeting in Quebec’s pristine Charlevoix region. […] Read more

The unexpected was the norm in 2017, starting with trade

The year 2017 will likely go down in the political history books for being the year of the unexpected. To say it was a year of surprises would be an understatement. The arrival of U.S. President Donald Trump on the international political scene delivered a jolt not seen in decades to the way in which the […] Read more

Who do consumers trust? Farmers favoured for reliable info

Canadians may not know where their food is coming from, but they say they still overwhelmingly trust those who are producing it; well, kind of. In a recently released telephone survey conducted last March on behalf of Agriculture Canada, pollsters found 91 percent of respondents say farmers and ranchers are a reliable source of information. […] Read more

When NAFTA talks get tough, Canada must stand strong

The fourth round of renegotiations has been a rough ride for the North American Free Trade Agreement. The United States used its home turf advantage in Arlington, Virginia, to table several proposals that have sparked rebuttals from Canadian and Mexican officials. Included in the proposals: a five-year sunset clause, a 50 percent U.S. content rule […] Read more

Researchers found that most of the people who were surveyed struggled to give examples of biotechnology used in agriculture. | File photo

Biotechnology remains a mystery for many Canadians

Canadians “generally do not have a solid understanding of what exactly the term ‘biotechnology’ refers to,” according to recently released public opinion research collected by Nielsen Consumer Insights on behalf of Agriculture Canada. In July 2016, the department issued a contract asking Nielsen Consumer Insights to conduct a “comprehensive research project to measure Canadian consumers […] Read more

Trudeau’s China visit brings sighs of relief from canola growers

Nervous canola farmers worried that this year’s harvest may not have access to the lucrative Chinese market can breathe easier. After months of discussion, including daily bureaucratic negotiations, a Sept. 1 deadline to reduce the amount of dockage in Canadian canola shipments has been delayed, at least for now. China has agreed to retain the […] Read more

Plowing adventure: my day at the Canadian Plowing Championships

When the Canadian Plowing Championships sent me an email asking whether I would be willing to participate in their VIP-vs-media plowing match, I couldn’t help but chuckle. I’m a city girl. I drive an automatic Toyota hatchback, live close to downtown, and it takes every ounce of my faded green thumb to keep the two […] Read more

The ag ministers' meeting is hosted by Alberta Agriculture Minister Oneil Carlier, right, who will serve as co-chair with rookie federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay. | File photo

New faces at ag ministers meeting may bring surprises

Canada’s agriculture ministers are heading to Calgary for their annual meeting. The two-day event, scheduled for July 20-22, marks the first time Canada’s federal and provincial agriculture ministers will meet since the Liberals took office in October. The meeting is hosted by Alberta Agriculture Minister Oneil Carlier, who will serve as co-chair with rookie federal […] Read more

Fort McMurray fire prompts cross party co-operation

In politics, it’s often the moments that unite all sides that people remember the most. Far too often those moments are combined with a crisis. The fire in Fort McMurray, Alta., is no exception. As the wildfire ravaged the heart of Alberta’s oil country, in Ottawa the searing images of flames leaping alongside highways were […] Read more

Liberal victory redraws political landscape

It was a stunning victory. After nearly a decade in political office, prime minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives were relegated to opposition benches Monday night, unseated by Justin Trudeau and the Liberals who surged to a 184-seat majority. It was a swift and decisive win. The Liberals breathlessly swept entire regions of the country. […] Read more