Can camelina improve nature’s perfect food?

SASKATOON — The dairy cows at the University of Saskatchewan are eating camelina in hopes of enhancing milk quality. The Canadian Feed Research Centre is feeding the cow’s different percentages of meal and observing the effects. “Recent papers have shown that camelina can have a positive impact on milk fat qualities, so this would be […] Read more

Camelina acreage growing, but not fast enough

Aquaculture industry snapping up stocks of camelina oil for fish food while producers struggle to keep up with demand

This year, Saskatchewan is expected to grow about 5,000 acres of camelina, but growers and the industry will need to boost production soon to satisfy escalating demand. Smart Earth Seeds, a camelina production and plant breeding firm based in Vancouver, has developed customers in the aquaculture industry who want to buy camelina oil for fish […] Read more

Volunteer camelina plants easy to eradicate: researcher

Not highly competitive | Weed treatments wipe out volunteers

Farmers might like camelina sativa for its big oilseed yields, but many worry about the large number of seeds the combine leaves behind. With 7,500 seeds per sq. metre missing the hopper, that could produce a massive weed crop in future years. However, a University of Alberta researcher says camelina growers can rest easy: the […] Read more